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Smart door lock staged 'hero saves beauty' cat eye function or just need

by:FUYU lock     2019-12-12
On August 7, a piece of news from Shenzhen Satellite TV's 'first scene' aroused heated discussion. A woman fainted at the door of the house in the middle of the night. The husband who was on a business trip found out in time through the video recorded by the door lock cat's eye, called the neighbor for help, and successfully rescued his wife. The brand's smart door lock named Wan Jiaan became the key to the rescue of the woman. The smart door lock hero rescue event, when promoting the positive energy of neighborhood harmony, also makes consumers once again lament the power of technology. The smart door lock market is growing rapidly, and major brands are staged a thousand locks war' Smart door locks are no longer new to many consumers. As the entrance of smart home, smart door lock is the most acceptable item for consumers. According to the data from the National lock Information Center, in 2018 alone, the production and sales volume of the whole industry of intelligent door locks exceeded 15 million sets, with an output value of more than 10 billion yuan. If it develops at a rate of more than 50% at present, the total output value of the industry is expected to exceed 20 billion yuan in 2019. The huge market has also attracted enterprises of all sizes to participate. Traditional door lock enterprises, household appliance enterprises, security enterprises, even Internet companies and start-up companies have poured into this field. According to the 21st century economic network, there are currently more than 3500 Smart Lock brands and more than 1500 production enterprises in China, once forming a thousand lock wars'The situation. The technological innovation section has become a thousand locks'The main battlefield. The fierce competition has led to a wide variety of products in the domestic market. The sales targets of door locks include hotel apartments, ordinary families and company stores. Unlocking methods include fingerprint unlocking, password unlocking, Iris unlocking, induction magnetic card unlocking, finger vein unlocking, etc. The optimization and innovation of the system is also an important means for manufacturers to improve product competition. How to improve the fluency of products and the linkage with other smart home items is the focus of these technology companies. In addition, the appearance of the intelligent door lock has also changed greatly. Many products with high color value have appeared in the market, full screen, water drop screen, large color screen and intelligent door lock with face recognition panel are becoming more and more common. Cat's Eye function helps intelligent door lock advanced 3. Although enterprises related to intelligent door locks are talking about innovation in the 0 era, many innovation achievements are similar, and the industry lacks products with customer viscosity that make consumers scream. Therefore, these innovations cannot realize the spread of explosive products. Looking back at the door lock hero to save the United States' Events can cause social repercussions, which is exactly the communication effect that people in the industry have been looking forward. According to the video news of 'first scene' and comments from netizens, Wan Jiaan's smart door lock has also been recognized by the general public. The reason why this door lock can become famous overnight'The smart cat's eye on the product is indispensable. This smart door lock can be classified as a video network lock, which is an integrated remote camera (Similar to smart cat eyes)Design. This design is mainly to strengthen the security of the intelligent lock through human body sensing, remote information reminding, stay capture and viewing anytime and anywhere. The door lock with smart cat's eye directly replaces the home walkie-talkie and security camera. If a stranger visits, he can confirm the identity of the person in advance; If a suspicious person acts in front of the house, he will send an alarm message to the owner's mobile phone; Adding anti-stress passwords and fingerprints, you can also distinguish the stress to open the door and alarm in time. Through the smart cat's eye, you can use the mobile phone to talk to the visitor visually, and at the same time detect the security outside the door, adding an invisible security door to the door. In addition, adding a smart cat's eye door lock can also play a role in caring for family members. When you are not at home, you can know whether your family is going out and going home. Through video intercom, you can close the distance between the two sides and increase the warm atmosphere of the family. These technologies are not new. As early as 2015, the industry has introduced video network design integrating human body sensors, intelligent doorbells and intelligent cameras. However, in recent years, with the continuous maturity of technology application, intelligent door locks with cat's eye function have also begun to truly enter the public group. Brands including Wan Jiaan, Xiaomi and Samsung have all launched smart door locks with cat's eyes and occupied the middle and high-end markets. 3. 0 intelligent door lock or will become the main entrance industry of the whole house linkage. It is generally believed that the first generation of intelligent locks is represented by electronic locks. The earliest electronic locks can be traced back to the 1970s s; The second generation of intelligent door locks should be classified as fingerprint identification, Bluetooth link and other door locks, which are common products now; The third generation of intelligent door locks should be divided into door locks with stronger linkage throughout the house. Its functional portrait is a multi-functional terminal. On the basis of top technologies such as voice control, intelligent cat's eye and Iris unlocking, improving the scene linkage of products has become a major trend in the future development of intelligent door locks. The whole house linkage picture, many people have imagined in their minds. After work, drag the tired body home, open the door at the same time, the corridor lights will automatically open; The bath water in the bathroom is automatically placed; Dinner has been served to the table; After you have enough to eat and drink, you should watch TV or exercise. The system is ready for you according to your preferences. . . . . . Such a beautiful picture is a portrayal of smart life. The smart door lock is the entrance to the home and the entrance to the smart life. Entering the house, you can enter the imaginary home. The smart door lock is the starting point of the development of science and technology. In the intelligent door lock 3. In the 0 era, while the intelligent door lock plays the role of security guard, it should also consider striving for more parts in the whole ecology of intelligent life. If the relevant enterprises can get the agreement of other smart home items, break the information Island between the products, and play a multi-party linkage effect, they will gain the initiative in the third generation of smart door lock wars. Text/Sun Chunyu
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