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Smart door lock Tide, who is the main ups and downs?

by:FUYU lock     2019-12-31
In 2017, artificial intelligence has set off a big wave. As the first choice of artificial intelligence, smart home has obviously become a high ground for major enterprises. The fierce competition in capital gathering and the promotion of intelligence have driven the increasing demand in the smart home market. Whether it is TCL, Midea, Haier and other home appliance manufacturers, or Huawei, Xiaomi and other mobile terminal manufacturers, or Ali, Tencent, Baidu and other Internet giants have entered the smart home market. Lock, as the first line of defense for home security, is the entrance product of smart home, and naturally cannot be ignored. A few years ago, smart door locks were only for high-end residential and hotel, but now, with the sudden emergence of smart home, smart door locks have become the new darling of the smart home industry. As a household appliance brand enterprise, Haier took the lead in entering the intelligent door lock industry, and then TCL, Midea and Skyworth also launched similar products. From the current point of view, smart home has entered the melee period, which means that this big market, but also a big battlefield. There is no star-rated brand enterprise, everyone is still in the stage of Happy Valley enclosure, and the market competition is in full swing. The strategic position and importance of smart door locks are beyond reproach. How to meet the needs of consumers, enhance their competitiveness and seize a larger market has become the primary issue to be considered by major smart door lock enterprises. Why is it difficult for smart home to enter ordinary families? Some industry experts have analyzed and put forward three major problems in the market: each major manufacturer has its own business and lacks cooperation; Brand influence is relatively weak and technology needs to be improved; The product has not yet poked the user's pain point, and the product homogenization is serious. These three problems are undoubtedly a serious injury to the market expansion of this industry. In response, some experts said that the diversity of consumers' service needs, products and functions may be a way out for smart home; In addition, some people also said that the brand effect is still the dominant factor, and the technology and quality of the brand cannot be ignored at the same time. Therefore, whether it is brand effect, technology, quality or management, it needs to be improved qualitatively. The open, integrated, cooperative and win-win smart door lock market is a blue ocean, but it is still in the start-up period and has not yet formed a strong market force. It is reported that TCL's smart door lock, which stands at the forefront of the smart door lock industry, has opened its alliance cooperation strategy, we have established stable long-term cooperative relations with well-known enterprises such as TWWT Smart Life Experience Hall and Beijing today house. It is understood that the intelligent door lock is made of high-strength zinc alloy and is formed by composite electroplating. In appearance, the streamlined body of the flowing water is equipped with a free handle, which looks elegant and elegant; The lock cylinder part has sophisticated security hardware, low power consumption, semiconductor fingerprint identification, and intelligence. Smart home competition is fierce and the market prospect is good. Who can lead this market is still full of unknown. However, TCL's smart door lock is proving in a positive posture that he is already on the way forward, and we look forward to what will happen in the future.
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