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Smart door locks face a life-and-death situation. Where will they go in the future?

by:FUYU lock     2019-12-29
With the improvement of people's living standards, the requirements for the quality of life are also getting higher and higher. As a front-end industry, smart home has attracted more and more attention from users, and many industry giants have also set foot in this field, intelligent door lock products with extremely high frequency of use have gradually become the focus of attention and have been paid more and more attention by consumers. Imagine going out without worrying about forgetting to bring the key or losing the key. When you enter the door, you only need your fingers to touch the door lock or brush your face and the door will open automatically, how convenient, more artifacts. According to the data, at present, the number of smart door lock enterprises has reached 2000, and the sales volume of smart door locks exceeded 4 million in 2017. In the next 8- Within 10 years, China's real estate sales will exceed 15 trillion yuan (RMB) Scale, people's demand for intelligent door locks is increasing. However, while the smart door lock is welcoming the development of the air outlet, we cannot ignore the security issue. Recently, there is a Tesla coil on the Internet' In the video of opening the smart door lock in seconds, someone shook the Tesla coil several times in front of the smart door lock, and the smart door lock was easily opened. Among them, only two of the seven smart door locks for experimental use have not been opened, which is indeed a terrible thing. As an entrance' The smart door lock is the first line of defense for the family. If this line of defense is so easily broken, it will be useless. How can it be safe and how can it be experienced. Therefore, for manufacturers, the safety of smart door locks is the first priority. Only then can other innovative applications of smart door locks be developed to bring comfortable, convenient and rich home experience to users. According to the white paper on China's intelligent door lock 2017, the penetration rate of domestic intelligent door locks is still relatively low and there is huge room for future development. At present, China's smart door lock market share is less than 3%, while that of Europe and the United States is 50%, while that of Japan and South Korea is 80%. According to the forecast, the sales volume of domestic smart door locks will remain at about 100% from 2017 to 2019 this year, and by 2019, the sales volume of Chinese smart door locks will exceed 32 million sets. From the data, we can see the broad prospect of the smart door lock market, which is a blue ocean market in China. But this can't blame our domestic manufacturers. Up to now, there are more than 1300 domestic smart door lock manufacturers and nearly 2800 brands, which are absolutely prosperous in quantity, but the quality still needs to be improved. At present, the biggest problem facing domestic intelligent door locks is simple plagiarism and rough labeling' As a result, the product is excess rather than overcapacity. On the whole, the products are mixed, and the lack of after-sales service makes the market prospect uncertain. So, where will the smart door lock go? First of all, pay attention to product safety and reshape consumer trust. As an entry-level product for smart homes, smart door locks are ultimately a market that does not lack potential. What manufacturers have to do is to build their own products, the quality of the product goes up, the service keeps up, the word of mouth goes up, and the product has a market and a future. Secondly, rebuild the scene. The previous smart door lock, the so-called smart' It is nothing more than replacing keys with passwords, fingerprints, Bluetooth, etc. It is relatively simple in the scene, and the homogenization is very serious. Many people think that this is just a gimmick, not a real intelligence, in the future, more biometric methods should be introduced to make smart door locks warmer. Finally, create a complete ecosystem. The smart door lock cannot be a single product, and needs to cooperate deeply with other household and household appliance industries. The smart door lock is one of the entrances to the smart home to create a complete smart home ecosystem, products between enterprises can be compatible with each other and cooperate in depth. Written at the end: at present, the smart door lock industry is still a blue ocean. For manufacturers, development is not easy. While strengthening innovation, it may fall into various chaotic struggles, there will not be too many manufacturers in the future, so strengthening self-construction is the last word, creating a complete ecosystem, bringing the safest and most convenient smart locks to consumers, and bringing more vitality and possibilities to the future.
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