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Smart door locks solve family safety pain points Next Billion home market

by:FUYU lock     2019-12-27
According to incomplete statistics, smart door locks accounted for only 2012 of the Lock Market in 3%. Since 2014, the market share has increased significantly, reaching 2016 by 15%. The intelligent door lock solves the pain point of family safety. According to the authoritative statistics of the Ministry of Public Security, one family is stolen every 3 minutes in the country, with a cumulative theft loss of 1130 billion yuan per year, 80% of thieves entered the room through the door lock, of which 85% of the stolen families were in residential areas with properties, and 50% of the thefts occurred during the daytime when no one was at home. However, more terrible than theft are vicious cases such as burglary and murder. From this set of data, we can extract several key points: 1. Door lock is the key to ensure door safety; 2. The high incidence of theft when no one is watching punctuality shows that the key to the problem lies in the fact that the owner cannot control the family situation anytime and anywhere; 3. The owner cannot control or control the development of the situation to ensure the safety of the family. So, can the intelligent door lock solve these pain points? The answer is yes. The smart door lock, which binds the mobile phone number, will automatically send a text message and call the machine owner when the lock encounters violent damage or lock, etc. , in the bound mobile phone number, take turns not to dial intermittently until the phone dials the alarm. It will also automatically issue a high decibel alarm to scare off thieves. The owner can know the situation at home in the first time, so that he is not afraid of no one at home. Such an intelligent door lock, key'What if I lose it? The traditional door lock has only one choice, that is, to change the lock in time. However, the intelligent door lock only needs to delete the fingerprint or password through the set number on the door lock. From these functions, it can be concluded that the core selling point of intelligent door lock is not intelligence, but intelligence based on security requirements. So as to make the connection between users and families closer and realize the control of family safety. When these needs of users are met, smart door locks will not worry about no market, and innovative business models based on smart door locks are the concerns of internet giants. There are still many cases where people cannot enter the door because there is no key to open the door, but because of the development and application of intelligent door locks, all these problems have been solved. As long as users like and continue to use these services, there will be unlimited commercial space for internet giants and a strong attraction for users in the future smart home life. I'm afraid the only concern is whether Internet companies can ensure the security of user data. At present, consumers' desire for smart home life is obviously greater than their concern. A professional survey data shows that, more than 70% of users hope to replace the traditional way of opening doors with keys with mobile phones in the next 3 to 5 years. This data is obviously good news for smart home products such as smart door locks. From the Internet to the mobile Internet, and then to the internet of things era, the value of big data and cloud services is gradually highlighted, which is why BAT is competing in the cloud market at the same time. Users are not only users of smart home products, but also producers of home data and even Internet content. As long as users accept these new products, the market generated by them is immeasurable. Smart home is indeed the next billion market, which is not only a great opportunity for internet giants, but also a golden age for smart door lock manufacturers. I believe that choosing smart door locks will bring unlimited business opportunities to more people and industries.
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