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Smart door locks: talk about the small things in smart homes that change lives-media reports

by:FUYU lock     2021-09-09
Do you want a blue pot friend who can create a romantic atmosphere? Like a warm man again, remind you to drink water on time? Dry clothes, sweep the floor, take out the trash and rush forward? Are you concerned about the safety factor of your home at any time and beware of fires? With these few smart home accessories, you are not afraid of loneliness and die, but you also want a good boyfriend? 1. Induction trash can Induction trash can, usually close to about 10 cm will open. People standing by the side, the lid will not fall. It can deodorize, have WIFi, will alarm, and automatically extinguish fire. 2. The smoke sensor is different from foreign countries. The domestic smoke sensor is not popular enough. Only some high-end communities have the configuration. If you want to improve the safety of household electricity and fire, you must have a smoke sensor. Combined with the use of the mobile phone APP, connect to the home wifi, the alarm will be pushed to the mobile phone immediately, minimizing the loss. 3. The smart water cup has a temperature sensor, and the indicator light will indicate whether the water temperature is too cold or too hot. The cup is connected to the mobile phone APP via Bluetooth. When drinking water, it will automatically record the amount of water you drink. You can set your gender, age, and weight in the APP. The system reminds you to drink water on time according to your own situation and the amount of water you drink! 4. When going out, the smart door lock can be left by simply lifting the handle, and it has an anti-lock alarm function. When going out, if the door is not closed in place, the inclined tongue cannot be touched, the lock cannot be sensed, and the buzzer will sound. Or voice to remind you. When someone forcibly removes the lock, the smart lock will emit a tamper-proof alarm sound. The alarm sound will continue until the door lock is restored to its original state. At the same time, the alarm will be sent to your mobile phone in the form of a message notification, so that you can go out and rest assured. 5. The smart clothes dryer do not want to dry the clothes after washing the clothes? After the washing machine solves the problem of not wanting to wash clothes, the Kolaini smart washing machine is born, which perfectly realizes the ultimate closed loop of not wanting to dry clothes after washing clothes. It can rise with a light touch, and the operating status of the machine can be controlled at any time. The efficient air-drying and drying functions can be dried after washing, and can be worn after drying.
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