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Smart fingerprint access lock is sought after by young people

by:FUYU lock     2019-12-31
In today's world, young people are always so tireless in their pursuit of new things. They are willing to try something different to increase their fun. Smart home is a topic that everyone likes to talk about in recent years. Because of its fashion, trendy and high technology, it is easily sought after by young people. For example, fingerprint lock, for young users, due to the high degree of intelligence of this kind of products, has the functions of intelligent authority management, anti-skid alarm, door opening inquiry, etc. , which greatly improves the user's experience of intelligent life, it is also more suitable for the life style of young people. According to the survey, nearly 50% of households in Europe and the United States already use smart locks. Especially among young people, the use of fingerprint locks has become a home fashion. Although the market share of fingerprint locks in China is less than 5% of that of civil locks, with the frequent appearance of fingerprint locks in movies and TV plays, especially in foreign movies and TV plays, people have shown great interest in this high-tech product, directly induced the market sales of fingerprint locks. According to the survey, more than 15% of new owners in Wuhan are preparing to install fingerprint locks, and up to 90% of these owners are young people after. The reason why fingerprint locks are so popular with young people is that there are three reasons, one is fashion, the other is convenience, and the third is safety. Young people always have a special liking for high-tech products with magical power. They hope that they can open the door with their fingers or remotely control the door defense system like the male and female protagonists in movies and TV plays. These high-tech means are often easy to attract the attention of others and make themselves the fashion protagonists envied by others. At the same time, the fingerprint lock is more beautiful in appearance than the mechanical lock, covering almost all product styles, such as modern minimalist style, fashion style, European pastoral style, etc. , which is more in line with the aesthetics of young people, this also dwarfs the traditional locks, so young people are more willing to choose this smart home product that can represent their fashionable life attitude. The new generation of young people pays attention to the realization of self-worth and pursues the uniqueness of the individual. For young people who are born with fashion and fashion sensitivity, it is unbearable to go out with a bunch of thick and messy keys, and the emergence of fingerprint locks is the rescue for them. Without the drag of keys, they can have a party, play ball games and shop to their heart's content. After a hard day's work, they don't have to carry bags and bags at home and rush through the Keys. In addition, young people who like nightlife have fingerprint locks, no matter how late they come back, they can easily and freely enter the house without disturbing their families. In addition, the access control management system of fingerprint lock can solve the problem of personnel management for users in the first place. Even if you break up with your girlfriend, they will never come back for trouble as long as you delete the fingerprint lock of your girlfriend. In Europe and the United States, the use of fingerprint locks has become a fashion, where fingerprint locks are not only as simple as locks, but also personal attitudes, they can open annoying keys, show yourself the difference through the fingerprint lock, and live your own life. 'Turtle Chen said in an interview. As for security, fingerprint lock, as a derivative product of entrance guard identification, takes human fingerprint as identification carrier, combines various technologies such as computer information technology and electronic technology, and has very good security function. Using a fingerprint lock with anti-skid alarm function, once the door lock is violently unlocked by a thief, the user will be notified by text message and an alarm will be given. At the same time, the high-grade fingerprint lock will automatically stop working after three consecutive input of the wrong password, and it is difficult for thieves to open it again, so that safe and convenient products can easily be favored by young people. In addition, relying on the development of biometric technology, the false recognition rate of fingerprint locks has increased rapidly, with false fingerprints or dry fingerprints (Non-living fingerprint) It is difficult to muddle through under its eyes. Such high-tech means are also one of the reasons why young people are willing to accept fingerprint locks. Fingerprint Lock uses its special fashion, safety and convenience to conquer the hearts of many young people and gradually becomes a home fashion for young people. It is a home decoration component for young people to show their home style. In the next few years, with the improvement of people's living standards and the popularization of smart home concepts and products, fingerprint locks will inevitably be accepted by more and more people and become the main products in the lock market.
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