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Smart home as a trillion-dollar under consumer market, nb smart lock '- — | NBIoT intelligent networking lock

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-08
More and more people begin to pursue high quality living, with artificial intelligence, big data and cloud computing technology, smart home market gradually mature, people to intelligent household life is constantly deduce. Smart home or will be the next trillion-dollar consumer market intelligence lives in is a sunrise industry in the Internet of things application. In the policy of good, key technological progress, industrial system constantly improve the industry background, the smart home with wisdom, such as artificial intelligence, the upgrading of consumption frontier city concept, in both the market and the capital area have been paid close attention to. Smart home products, with its convenient, comfortable, safety, energy saving, the advantages of the human also accept consumer favour. The 2018 China intelligent household industry research report, according to data from 2017 years intelligent household market size of 3254 in China. 700 million yuan, including intelligent home appliances the proportion is as high as 86. 9%. The market is expected the next three years will keep 21. 4% compound annual growth rate, market scale will reach 5819 by 2020. 300 million yuan. Intelligent household industry development potential attracts a lot of capital to join, many industry brands catch the opportunity of software and hardware combination, active layout iot home security industry. Since 2014, the Internet company, home appliance enterprise continuously, in the field of intelligent hardware, smart home financing event number top. Under the exploration of capital, intelligent household the emerging business mode is flawed. Smart home market prospects, industry pack the elk, China under a trillion-dollar consumer market to be broke out. Intelligent lock will push so smart home market for large-scale outbreak, intelligence lives in 'spring' exactly when to come? Intelligent lock as intelligent household entry level products, has just need, the characteristics of high frequency identification, is indispensable to smart home 'facade' bear, in trillions of market intelligence lives in the future will become the important link. Intelligent lock a smart home industry door lock is the most important devices, home security products based on the technological revolution locks, continuously developed from the traditional mechanical lock to electronic smart lock. With the development of intelligent lock related technology and mature, intelligent lock is with non-replaceable, difficult to replicate, the characteristics of simple operation gradually accepted by more and more families. It has the remote unlock, alarm, prevent the higher safety performance Settings, such as damage from multiple angles to ensure the safety lock performance, provide safety management and emotional care. Intelligent lock get rid of the bondage of the traditional key and annoyance, increase the variety of high degree of safety to unlock. With the development of artificial intelligence technology and Internet technology, the door lock in the biological recognition, human-computer interaction and data statistics, analysis and data sharing more intelligent and accurate. Benefit from Fried hot smart home market unceasingly, the application in intelligent lock took the lead in the high-end residential, and promotion in office buildings, Banks, government agencies. Intelligent lock application scenarios and the market is a piece of blue ocean, each big industry giant break into intelligent lock industry, Internet entrepreneurs, traditional home appliance enterprises, traditional hardware and foothold in venture capital. Intelligent lock shenzhen skynet interconnection technology research and development company seize the user just need and smart locks the outbreak of the opportunity, in the perspective of their own advantages in intelligent lock market. According to understand, shenzhen skynet connected from aspects of the product, service, build brand awareness, at the same time as shenzhen and kunming have a mature intelligent lock floor project, also established a highly efficient after-sales service system, to offline ways of boosting the online sales experience gradually expand the brand advantage, take market share. In the field of smart home, intelligent lock with high user viscosity, high frequency of usage, also the most likely to fall to the ground, the most pervasive and huge potential market. With intelligent lock industry chain constantly improve, the increasingly mature industry, consumer market continues to get education, more and more families will be excitation potential demand in the lock.
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