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Smart lock and smart home lock

by:FUYU lock     2021-09-18
I have summed it up, and the smart lock is currently the most sold on the market. Most smart locks have the following unlocking methods: fingerprint unlocking, password unlocking, card unlocking, key unlocking, mobile phone remote unlocking, face swiping unlocking, iris recognition, ID card unlocking, Bluetooth unlocking, remote control unlocking, temporary authorization password unlocking, etc. The penetration rate of smart locks in Japan and South Korea has reached more than 70%. More than 90% of apartments in South Korea use smart locks. The appearance of smart locks in many Korean TV shows and movies is a good proof. In Europe, the United States and other countries, the penetration rate of smart locks is more than 50%. In 2016, the penetration rate of smart locks in the civilian market in my country was only 3%, and this year has further increased. Generally speaking, the popularity of smart locks will be the general trend. After all, it has many advantages that ordinary locks do not have. It allows you to say goodbye to the trouble of forgetting to bring the key. I personally have a deep understanding of this. Because of my poor memory, I often forget to bring the key. Once, because I forgot to bring the key, my family couldn't rush back in time, so I had to spend the night at a friend's house. Later, two more keys were allocated and left with two relatives. Once you forget the key in your house, you can pick it up at your relative's house. This way, although your urgent need is resolved, it is still a hassle to go to your relative's house to pick it up. It was not until I changed a smart lock that this trouble was solved. Normally, you don’t need to bring the key anymore, just bring your hand to scan your fingerprints. At present, compared with ordinary mechanical locks, smart locks have no obvious shortcomings. If you have to find one, it is that it is more expensive than ordinary locks. The cheapest one costs a few hundred yuan, and the expensive one costs four to five thousand yuan. ). The price of an ordinary mechanical lock is only one or two hundred yuan, and a few hundred yuan is considered very high-end. Although in the PK between smart locks and ordinary locks, smart locks directly win, but that is because they are not a level of opponents at all. As Sanshen said, smart locks belong to a 'dimensionality reduction attackIt is their two duels. The ordinary lock uses a kitchen knife, and the smart lock uses a machine gun. It is a strange thing that the ordinary lock is not smashed into a sieve. The real contest should be between smart locks and smart locks. So the following introduces the equal regular competition between smart locks: optical fingerprint head and semiconductor fingerprint head. Advantages of optical fingerprint head: 1. Strong environmental adaptability The optical fingerprint head collection window generally uses toughened glass, which can resist pressure, abrasion, acid and alkali, and corrosion to a certain degree. It is well adapted to the temperature of the working environment. It can maintain the operation of the components in an environment of -15 degrees Celsius to 55 degrees Celsius and a humidity of 20%-95%. The glass surface is easy to clean. It can be used in ordinary environments such as households and can also be used Special environments such as humidity, high temperature and dust. 2. Good stability The optical fingerprint recognition technology has passed the long-term test of the market and has been continuously improved. In addition, the optical fingerprint head has good adaptability to the environment, so the stability performance during use is better, and the theoretical life is longer. 3. Costs Optical fingerprint heads developed earlier and have mature industry scales that can be modularized and mass-produced. The raw materials used in optical fingerprint heads are relatively cheap. Therefore, the cost of optical fingerprint heads is generally cheaper than semiconductor fingerprint heads. Disadvantages of optical fingerprint head: 1. The anti-counterfeiting performance cannot be solved, and the security is hidden. Since the optical fingerprint head uses the principle of total reflection of light, the optical fingerprint head cannot distinguish the authenticity of the fingerprint. Imitation, it is easy to get confused. 2. There are certain inherent flaws in recognition accuracy. The optical fingerprint head is different imaging of the reflection of light by the fingerprint ridges and valleys. For users with shallow fingerprints, fingerprints too dry or peeling, it will be prone to misidentification. 3. Relatively large power consumption Optical fingerprint heads need to emit strong light, so compared to semiconductor fingerprint heads, more power is required. Generally, optical fingerprint locks need to change the battery more than half a year, and semiconductor fingerprint locks can be used for about one year. 4. Other aspects Compared with semiconductor fingerprint heads, optical fingerprint heads have other shortcomings, but these shortcomings have little impact on purchase and use, so they are not listed separately. For example, the volume of the optical fingerprint head is larger than that of the semiconductor fingerprint head; the optical fingerprint head will be difficult to identify under strong light; the recognition speed of the optical fingerprint head is slightly slower than that of the semiconductor fingerprint head.
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