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Smart Lock becomes a new generation of smart home products

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-05
As a derivative of access control identification, intelligent locks rely on the development of biometric technology, and foreign countries have gradually emerged into more families. For our domestic market, the popularity of smart locks is far less than its reputation. However, for the security market, fingerprint locks have explosive market potential. With the continuous progress of science and technology, the high-end intelligent lock market is gradually expanding and its development prospect cannot be ignored. Smart Lock is the preferred product for the development of smart home industry today, and is leveraging a billion market behind the smart home and security industry. As a high-tech electronic information product, the research on the following core technologies is the focus of development: first, fingerprint identification algorithm, the accuracy of the algorithm determines the probability of false identification of lock opening, and second, fingerprint acquisition and sensing technology, the optical acquisition system is only the most reliable, can adapt to various occasions, is resistant to damage and has long service life. Technical indicators include resolution, area size, gray scale, etc. According to the statistics of IBG, an International Biometric Group, fingerprint identification occupies the leading role in the biometric market. In addition, there are special needs for the linkage door of the banking system, the three linkage doors of the vault, the fingerprint gun cabinet, the tax system, the prison, the medical and health care, the education system, the examination system, and so on. Smart Lock has become a new generation of smart home products. When it comes to fingerprint identification technology, it is well known that it relies on the unique human characteristics of fingerprints to identify biological individuals; Among the current biometric technologies, fingerprint identification is the most easily developed and mature biometric technology. The unique characteristics of fingerprints, coupled with the ingenious application of electro-mechanical principles and optics, make modern high-tech representative security products smart locks break the traditional monotonous unlocking method. From the Earliest wooden locks and copper locks to the current electronic locks, the lock revolution has developed strongly in recent years as a new product for a new generation of smart homes, the development of science and technology seeps into the lock industry, and the smart lock that integrates safety and convenience brings more enjoyment and experience to the family. Its application is also the most extensive. Fingerprints are very consistent with the requirements of biometric systems in terms of relativity and non-chaos. Because of the uniqueness that human fingerprints cannot be copied, this key of the human body cannot be engraved, will not be lost or forgotten, and will not have to remember those passwords and passwords to unlock, you don't have to carry a lot of keys, and you won't be blocked by your own door because you lost your key and forgot your password. With the strengthening of people's security awareness and the continuous progress of living standards and needs, new functions and new demands are also emerging at the historic moment. At the same time, they are required by the functional agencies of the national government, there are also many related needs. It accounts for 80% of the biometric market. The smart lock has multiple protective effects on theft prevention. Our traditional anti-theft monitoring, smart home and other products mainly focus on property anti-theft, which easily endangers the life safety of the owner. When the thief enters the room and is found to meet the owner, the thief will make a behavior that endangers the owner's personal safety, burglary will become more serious cases such as burglary, burglary and kidnapping. It is often reported in the news that the conventional security monitoring alarm often becomes a police detection tool after the crime is committed, it is not a security artifact to prevent tragedies. In other functions, it lacks a killer that makes users purchase urgently. Compared with traditional mechanical locks, fingerprint locks are safer and more convenient. It can also integrate the functions of false password, anti-theft alarm, smart home and so on, which plays a multiple protective role on anti-theft. For example, when thieves can't open the door with fake fingerprints and want to break in, the fingerprint lock can automatically start the anti-theft alarm function to inform the owner or the community security. In addition, some high-level smart locks can also be connected to the smart home. When thieves climb in from the window, they will touch the smart home equipment connected to the smart lock, thus triggering an alarm.
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