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Smart Lock hot market a worry for threshold and run-off key points need to see

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-04
According to the latest industry research data from Yiju Research Institute, more than 0. 4 billion of China's more than 80% urban households are interested in upgrading traditional door locks to smart locks, the smart lock market is developing rapidly with an average annual market growth rate of 40%. The average sales volume of smart locks in each city can reach 30 million yuan per year, and the national market turnover is expected to exceed 100 billion yuan. So how long does it take for such amazing sales to reach home users? In recent years, with the popularity of the concept of smart home, the smart lock industry has also staged a three-nation killing'. Not only traditional mechanical lock enterprises have transformed one after another and moved to the field of intelligent lock; Moreover, Haier, Dahua, Haikang, ZTE, Midea, 360 and other giants have also entered the smart lock industry; In addition, in recent years, there have also been emerging Internet smart lock brands such as Yunding, Guojia and Yunyou. . . . . . However, there are still many hidden worries behind the heat. For example, homogenization is becoming more and more serious; Products and services are mixed, affecting user confidence; The industry has just started, and many companies have started a price war, and so on. These problems are worth pondering by every practitioner. At present, the penetration rate of smart locks in Japan is about 50%, that in South Korea is 80%, and that in China is less than 2%. But I have huge market space, China has 1. 4 billion/4 = 3. For 0. 5 billion households, the installed capacity of the entire smart lock will reach 1. 50% when the penetration rate reaches. About 7. 5 billion sets. It is precisely because of such a large market capacity that it has attracted the attention of many investors. Therefore, with the promotion of many participants, China's smart lock market has experienced explosive growth. Data show that the annual sales volume of locks nationwide reached 2. 2 billion units in 2014, and the commercial market demand for smart locks alone reached 1. 5 million units; In 2015, the market capacity of smart locks in China soared to 2 million sets; In 2016, China's smart lock shipments have reached 3 million sets, with an output value of 30-Between 5 billion yuan. At the same time, according to Analysys estimates, the growth rate of the smart lock industry in 2017 was 101. 1%, market sales will reach 813. 70 thousand sets; The market growth rate in 2018 was 98. 3%, market sales will reach 1636. 30 thousand sets; To 2019 industry growth rate still will up to 95. 4%, when the market sales will reach 3244. Set of 70 thousand. In addition, from the user's attention to the smart lock, the market reaction is becoming increasingly strong, and the awareness of the smart lock is constantly improving. Search from Baidu Index (See above)Look, search for smart locks' The number of users is increasing year by year, and smart locks have gradually become the first choice for young users to decorate. From the WeChat search index, the user's attention is also very high. From May this year to August, the average number of people per day was at least 100 thousand (See the picture below) The above is using WeChat to search for the relevant content of the smart lock; When the search index was the highest, it even exceeded 260 thousand person-times, thus showing that the heat of the smart lock was really unexpected.
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