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Smart Lock is a lock, don't ask too much

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-05
Now online bar fine' It's really everywhere, even in the relatively unpopular field of smart locks. Not long ago, the little black box' The news is well known to all, and with the help of many manufacturers who have proved their innocence and time, it has faded out of people's view. But the small black box can open the smart lock' The impression is still left in many people's hearts, which directly led the author to confirm the small black box unlocking many times' Not reliable, or someone will comment under the Smart Lock article that there is a small box that can be opened by shaking it'. Of course, the smart lock is still a home security device, and it is very normal to have a need for security. However, many people have overcorrected their safety needs for fear that their door locks will be opened by agents through exceptionally advanced technical means or by some people through violent means, so they are falsely inserted', Heaven and Earth hook' A series of words that sound somewhat mysterious have become key words related to smart lock security. I am afraid that my own smart lock will be captured. Of course, the heaven and earth hook is a word that appeared in the era of anti-smashing, but it is not so important in the smart lock. Intelligent lock is a lock. Nowadays, reliable intelligent locks have touched the ceiling of safety and reliability of household locks, that is to say, they are reliable enough in terms of safety. The focus of the intelligent lock is to meet the requirements of more functionality on the premise of meeting the security. As for the problems of violent unlocking, false ferrule, Heaven and Earth hook, capacitor/optical fingerprint, as long as it is a reliable smart lock of big brands, these have little impact on safety, more is the impact of the use of feelings. There are only three situations in which smart locks need to face violent unlocking. One is in the movie, the other is fire rescue, and the other is that the smart lock has failed/no electricity and has not yet brought a spare key. These three possibilities are very small, and the latter two situations are also the faster the door is more convenient ( However, if you open the door too soon, you still need to worry about security). Thieves will pick locks violently? Did you call the police before you pried open the smart lock? So it's like a fake ferrule is not safe' Some of the views on violent unlocking are not a problem for domestic users. After all, smart locks are not popular in China, as long as your door lock is safe than your neighbor's home, then your home is safe. When every household is equipped with a smart lock, it is not too late to compare security.
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