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Smart Lock: safe and convenient, suitable for both men and women

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-04
Almost everyone has encountered such embarrassing things when they forget to bring their keys home. With the upgrading of intelligent technology consumption, all these troubles will be thrown away. Fingerprint Lock has become a new favorite of smart home consumption. With the continuous improvement of the quality of life, consumers are paying more and more attention to the quality of life and safety and convenience. Smart home has begun to enter the mass consumer class, the intelligent fingerprint lock, which integrates multi-function, safety, convenience and humanization, is gradually entering the homes of ordinary people from high-end and confidential application places such as military industry, government, finance, insurance, villas, etc. Fingerprint Lock, as a smart high-tech product, is one of the representatives of smart home and one of the products pursued by modern smart life. If you want to go out easily, you don't need to bring a full key or set up several monitoring lines. All you need is an intelligent fingerprint lock. What kind of person is suitable for fingerprint locks? From the audience market, fingerprint locks are very suitable for the elderly, children and forgetful people. At present, the market penetration rate of fingerprint locks is very low, so it can be said that such products have broad market prospects. Fingerprint Lock represents the intelligent living state of the new century and is the label and pursuit of modern home quality. Among many locks, fingerprint combination locks are more and more accepted by consumers because of their convenience, intelligence, safety and other characteristics, and the awareness of ordinary consumers is also higher and higher. Compared with the traditional door lock, the intelligent fingerprint combination lock of this high-tech product has more attractive use advantages. With the development of the market, smart home products are gradually replacing traditional tools. First, the door lock is safer and more convenient to open. The mechanical lock needs to be opened with a key, so the opening part inserted into the keyhole must be exposed, which gives the thief a chance. Unlike mechanical locks, fingerprint combination locks need to open the door with fingerprints or passwords. Its collection part is outside the door, while the electronic part is inside, so there is no need to worry about malicious damage by thieves. Secondly, the fingerprint lock is carefully designed by the authoritative designer, with a simple and noble design style. The entire surface of the lock does not have a mechanical button; And some brand fingerprint locks cancel the design of the keyhole, directly replace the key with two sets of systems, and most of the locks in the market can be installed, which improves the limitations of the matching; At the same time, a highly sensitive fingerprint sensor is adopted, and the biological living fingerprint opening identification technology is used to identify the identity by using certain physiological or behavioral characteristics of the human body, which is irreplaceable, cannot be copied and unique. Because biological fingerprint identification technology needs to sense various physiological characteristics such as finger temperature, lines, blood flow, etc. , fingerprint reproduction technology can only be successful in movies and cannot be realized in real society, it is safer than traditional door locks. Fingerprint locks also have some significant advantages, such as: no longer having to bring keys; Don't worry about losing the key, it's broken; The child does not have to hang the key on his neck; The family does not need a key for each person; Don't worry about going out and dumping the garbage; No longer need a lover/parent to get up in the middle of the night to open the door; When guests come, they can add fingerprints at any time or delete them at any time; No longer have to worry about having friends to borrow keys into your home; After the nanny leaves the job/the rental house does not need to change the lock, it is good to eliminate the fingerprint. . . . . . In the first-tier cities such as beishangguangshen, the fingerprint password smart lock has been widely used, which is convenient and safe. It can avoid many inconvenient or unfortunate things in the family, as long as we are willing to spend a little time to understand, willing to spend a small amount of money, willing to consider a little more for the family, can provide a security for the whole family. The state is also vigorously promoting the promotion and promotion of smart hardware, smart home, smart locks, etc. Many cities have standard fingerprint locks. Science and Technology are developing and the times are progressing. In the future, every household will use the fingerprint password smart lock just around the corner. I hope you can install a fingerprint lock for your home as soon as possible.
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