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Smart lock tens of billions of market fight, who can have the last laugh

by:FUYU lock     2021-09-15
Since 2015, with the increasing requirements for high-end configuration of smart homes in high-end communities, apartments and hotels, as well as the rapid development of artificial intelligence technology in my country, the smart lock market has entered an explosive period, and industry players have grown rapidly. Xiaomi, Midea, Baidu, Philips, Large companies such as Skyworth have entered the smart lock market one after another. According to data, as of mid-2018, there were more than 1,500 smart lock manufacturers in my country, 3,500 smart lock brands, and a market size of nearly 10 billion. Data source: National Lock Industry Information Center At present, my country's smart lock market is at an early stage, and the industry will still be a blue ocean in the next 5-10 years. In recent years, the 'worry' about smart locks has long existed in the society, and the industry has a long way to go to maturity. The bumpy road of smart locks The core function of smart locks is anti-theft, and the most essential product appeal is safety. Smart locks are inseparable from the Internet, and there are also network security problems. Fingerprint recognition and face recognition have loopholes, and network systems are hacked from time to time. Since the small black box incident of the Yongkang Gate Expo in May 2018, smart locks have repeatedly exposed security issues. The unlocking artifact known as 'your home lock, I can open in 3 seconds' has discouraged many consumers who want to buy smart locks. . Smart locks are mostly concentrated in the B-end market, and the C-end penetration rate is obviously insufficient. The concept of intelligence is constantly being hyped, but the actual application scenarios are limited. The smart lock market is facing more rational consumers. They are more cautious in choosing locks, which are smart products related to home security, and only those that can withstand the test Only products can be recognized. In the era of differentiated development of smart lock merchants, consumption upgrades and secondary decoration, the post-90s generation has become the dominant consumer market. New consumer concepts and habits make the prospect of smart locks still worth looking forward to. Due to the special attribute of door locks 'protecting the safety of the whole familyMerchants must not only cultivate the market and change consumers' traditional perception of lock products, but also pay more investment to cut in from upstream and downstream to improve quality and service. 1. Find breakthroughs in upstream product development. The lock is a product that every family must use every day. If something goes wrong, anyone will be anxious. At present, smart locks on the market use human biological characteristics for identity recognition to open the door, which involves mechatronics, biometrics, cloud storage, electronic communication and other technologies. Any problem in any link may affect the safety of the door lock. From the smart lock chip, program, to network transmission, strict encryption design must be carried out. The efficiency of unlocking should not be blindly pursued and the false detection rate should not be ignored. Improve the accuracy of fingerprint recognition and face recognition through technical improvement and optimization. Battery life is also an urgent bottleneck for smart locks. Alkaline batteries and lithium batteries are used frequently, and they can last for half a year in a low-power environment. Generally, those with video or wifi transmission functions can only last for 2-3 months. Insufficient power in an emergency will cause serious losses to consumers. Manufacturers should look for breakthroughs in battery life. The quality of the lock determines the safety factor of consumers' home life. The safety audit and certification of smart locks is increased, and smart locks with reliable quality and time-tested are produced to relieve consumers' worries about personal and property safety. 2. Look for differentiation in downstream after-sales service. The after-sales service of smart locks is a problem for the entire industry. After-sales professionalism and lack of timeliness usually make consumers a headache. According to Mr. Wang from Beijing: After the problem of the smart lock at home, immediately contact the local agent to solve the problem. Due to many factors such as too long distance, uneven parts, insufficient after-sales personnel, etc., it cannot be repaired on the same day, which affects the work and work of the family. Life. Most smart lock manufacturers implement the sales and after-sales model of regional agency, and some dealers use hardware stores or lock shops for after-sales during their operations. Smart locks are different from mechanical locks. The attributes of electronic products make the installation and maintenance of smart locks more professional and complicated. After-sales services have become the focus of smart lock companies. A small number of large companies use their huge financial and material resources to build their own after-sales service stations across the country. How can most small brands with insufficient economic strength survive the scouring of the market? Can there be a good solution that 'manufacturers concentrate on Ru0026D and sales, and leave after-sales service to professional organizations' to have the best of both worlds? The answer is yes. A third-party platform designed to serve manufacturers who are unable to build an after-sales system has become an important role in the after-sales of smart locks. Through resource integration, it replaces merchants to provide corresponding after-sales services for consumers. The after-sales service of the home furnishing industry to which smart locks belong is relatively mature. The well-known Wanshifu platform in the industry uses a shared mode to integrate the supply and demand of home after-sales service to provide smart lock merchants and consumers with timely response, professional and meticulous after-sales installation and maintenance. service. Empowering professional after-sales service providers is a good way for businesses to solve after-sales pain points. Build a comprehensive after-sales network through a third-party platform, improve the downstream service system, and solve the problems of professionalism and timeliness of after-sales of smart locks. Conclusion: While smart lock companies are investing heavily in Ru0026D and innovation, they must also carry out targeted upgrades in service differentiation. Opportunities and challenges coexist. I believe that after the market is constantly eliminated, the smart lock industry will gradually mature, and smart locks will become the standard for every family.
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