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Smart Lock: The market is very big, actually no play

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-04
Looking at the current situation, major internet giants, traditional home appliance manufacturers and small and medium-sized smart home solution providers are all trying to open the door to the smart home market, but due to their different resources and advantages, different ways and postures were adopted respectively. The giant's advantage lies in its big data and cloud service capabilities. Its motivation lies in obtaining user data. It is not easy or necessary to directly involve in hardware manufacturing. Traditional home appliance manufacturers such as Gree and Midea, the supply chain of home appliance production is mature, but it is trapped in the lack of content and software service capabilities. In the end, many small and medium-sized smart home solution providers have become competing with each other. Under the tide of smart home, why are Giants optimistic about smart door locks and how big are the business opportunities? Under the wave of smart home, why is the giant aiming at a smart lock? The reason is that the intelligent door lock is just needed, high frequency and cannot be easily replaced. Opening and locking the door is a rigid requirement, while the safety performance of the door lock is just one of the rigid requirements. The intelligent door lock combined with machinery, electronics and cloud computing just meets the safety requirements of users, secondly, the door lock has the characteristic of high frequency use, which is sufficient to ensure the continuity of data acquisition. In addition, the irreplaceable nature of the door lock also creates a higher threshold for competitors. For internet giants, who can take the lead in layout means that he can occupy users for a long time and also has mastered the data behind users. Since the giant is so optimistic about smart door locks, what needs have smart door lock products solved for users? What is its core selling point? Intelligence based on safety requirements is the core selling point of intelligent door locks. Doors are an important barrier to isolate outdoor and family. Its safety is naturally the basic needs of users. However, meeting the safety needs of users is not just as simple as strengthening the door or lock. In my opinion, the root of people's insecurity lies in their loss of connection with something and control over related situations. Therefore, the intelligence of the door lock must be based on the basic safety requirements, and the intelligent function must also serve the safety. The function of the product is to keep users in touch with their families at all times, keep control of family safety. Before explaining the function of smart locks, we might as well look at a set of data: according to the authoritative statistics of the Ministry of Public Security, a family is stolen every 3 minutes in the country, with a cumulative loss of 1130 billion yuan per year, 80% of thieves entered the room through the door lock, of which 85% of the stolen families were in residential areas with properties, and 50% of the thefts occurred during the daytime when no one was at home. However, more terrible than theft are vicious cases such as burglary and murder. From this set of data, we can extract several key points: 1. Door lock is the key to ensure door safety; 2. The high incidence of theft when no one is watching punctuality shows that the key to the problem lies in the fact that the owner cannot control the family situation anytime and anywhere; 3. The owner cannot control or control the development of the situation to ensure the safety of the family. So, can the intelligent door lock solve these pain points? The answer is yes. For example, it is the first intelligent lock in China that uses keyless technology to prevent theft from the source. At the same time, it is also fully automatic in China'The founder of the concept. Not only that, Romans' automatic smart lock is bound by the mobile phone number (Can bind 6) When the lock encounters violent damage or lock, it will automatically send a text message and call the owner. In the six mobile phone numbers that are bound, it will take turns to make calls, until the phone dial alarm is completed. It will also automatically issue a high decibel alarm to scare off thieves. The owner can know the situation at home in the first time, give the family the first time protection, let the danger have nowhere to hide, and the safety performance increases several times.
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