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Smart locks into thousands of households to count the various ways to open

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-05
The most embarrassing thing in the world is that you go out and dump the garbage, but a gust of wind blows and locks you out. More Perfect' However, no one in the family did not bring a mobile phone, so they should not call the Earth ineffective every day. Internet of Things' With the continuous development, the intelligent lock has gradually entered people's field of vision, bringing great convenience to everyone's life. For example, a friend who often forgets to bring a key can enter the door with a smart door lock to sweep the fingerprint, and there will be no more embarrassment of being shut out. As smart home is more and more popular with people, many manufacturers have joined this blue sea and their products are gradually enriched. Among the many types of smart locks, the unlocking methods are naturally various. Today, Let's summarize the common unlocking methods of household smart locks. Password lock password is the most common way to unlock. Small to the drawer lock, large to the vault, you can see the figure of the password lock. Most of the smart door locks that everyone saw in the TV series were password locks. It can be said that the predecessor of the smart lock is an electronic lock unlocked with a password. However, passwords on smart locks are mostly encoded by digital passwords. Each family member will have one or several numbers that only he knows as passwords. Some people may wonder how it is a number that only they know. This is the advantage of intelligent password, commonly known as false password technology. The user can enter a string of numbers at will. As long as the number string contains a password, it can be unlocked successfully. Therefore, the passwords of each family member are not necessarily the same. This technology can be understood as including continuous keywords to unlock successfully. Therefore, the security level of password unlocking is very high, and there will be no situation where the key will always leave traces by pressing a few numbers. Fingerprint locks are now very common for fingerprint identification, especially for attendance machines, most of which use optical fingerprint identification. Although optical identification technology is low in cost and fast in speed, it does not have integrated biometric identification technology, so it is not safe. However, in the intelligent door lock, most of them adopt a push-type capacitive fingerprint identification module, which can directly detect the dermis layer of the fingerprint, so the fingerprint film is invalid in front of the capacitive fingerprint identification, security has also been improved by several levels. According to the uniqueness and non-replicability of fingerprints, fingerprint lock is naturally the safest unlocking method among all kinds at present. Inductive card lock intelligent inductive card lock adopts radio frequency identification technology, which can identify specific targets and read and write relevant data through radio signals. This way of swiping a card to open the door is very popular in hotels and community access control. The hotel's room service needs to be cleaned frequently in unmanned rooms, so the cleaning staff will have a universal key card to facilitate access to the hotel's rooms. The reason why the card lock has been popularized is that there are no small security risks. The card is very easy to lose, not only is it difficult to find it, but it will also bring some danger to the family. After all, there are places where the door card can be copied downstairs in many communities, and an instant noodle will appear if there is any carelessness'Opened the entire community. Bluetooth lock, Bluetooth unlock in a sense is an upgraded version of the card unlock. Connect the door lock through the Bluetooth of the mobile phone to issue the door opening command. The security is much higher than that of ordinary credit card unlocking. After all, the card is easy to drop, and even if the mobile phone is dropped, no one will think of unlocking your home after cracking it. From the practical point of view, Bluetooth unlocking is much more convenient than card unlocking, and it can also have a remote door opening function. According to people's lazy nature, we have natural keys, such as fingerprints, irises, sounds, etc. If we are not good enough, we also have the necessary smart phones. Why do we have to bring a bunch of cumbersome mechanical keys? Coupled with the safety, convenience and interactivity of the intelligent door lock, many people say that it is inseparable from it once'! Therefore, the popularization of intelligent door locks is an inevitable trend.
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