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Smart locks usher in a bonus period, will it become the next shared bicycle?

by:FUYU lock     2021-09-12
In recent years, one of the most important topics in the capital market has been around sharing bicycles. To quote a saying on the Internet, 'So much money and so many people’s youth have been burned, but there is only one thing left. Good story'. No matter how good the story is, there are too many pitiful and sad things behind it. Take a look at the following table: It is said that there is an injection of capital behind it. No matter what it is, it is undoubtedly an astronomical figure for ordinary people. What’s even more fascinating is the short cycle of shared bicycles from the rise to the prosperity and then to the decline. The short cycle is very dizzying, and the level of excitement is comparable to that of Hollywood blockbusters. But today, the money-burning contest has ended, and it is left for everyone. In addition to the story, it is not just the shared bicycle garbage or shared bicycle cemeteries all over the cities, but more deep thinking is left behind. If it is said that the failure of shared bicycles is that capital has overestimated the people's understanding of the sharing economy, character and changing consumer demand, then many capitals are now swarming into the smart lock industry, not hesitating to grab market share The price, as if the smart lock industry is a big gold mine, why is this? A smart lock of 999 yuan leaves a space of 300 yuan for the service provider. For them, after removing various costs and after-sales service fees, there is almost nothing left. In this case, the service provider will definitely not be loyal Brands and the motivation to provide good services. Therefore, the quality of the entire service cannot be guaranteed at all, and user satisfaction will inevitably decrease; and as far as the product itself is concerned, the remaining part after removing various taxes and fees from 699 is only able to Support the cost of the most common lock, but as an ordinary smart lock, it is said that many companies are selling at a loss of a few dollars in order to seize market share. This is not only for certain B-ends. Market to seize share, even for the C-end market, it is still using very low profit or even zero profit to conquer the city and land. The appearance of the price of 999 yuan is such a performance, and a large number of inflows with brand advantages and price advantages The market is inevitable to be chased to a certain extent, but the final result is bound to be pros and cons: Although it can speed up consumers’ awareness of smart lock products, it will definitely hurt when the quality and service cannot be effectively guaranteed. Consumers’ recognition of smart lock products. Moreover, when the C-end market is already in a downturn, while some small factories that focus on low prices and shoddy manufactures have collapsed, companies that are proficient in technology research and development are under such impact. It may also be difficult to sustain. As a result, many people will look at the smart lock market next year with a pessimistic attitude. This makes us have to question the purpose of these enterprises or capital? According to common sense, the purpose of low prices is mainly to combat competitors and seize market share. It can only be a phased strategy. After mass competitors are eliminated and a monopoly advantage is formed, the product will still be accompanied. Renewal and price recovery. For many industries, the phased strategy has certain results in the short term, but it is by no means the best strategy. If the low price will definitely win, then the current mass consumer market will be greatly rewritten. All High-end, high-quality products and brands will no longer exist. However, you can look at the development history of various industries in China. In the end, which industry is ultimately determined by low-priced brands? The end result of many companies playing low prices is to waste themselves, and they have been trapped in the quagmire of low prices for a long time without any chance of improvement. The shared bicycle industry has entered such a similar vicious circle soon after its birth, and companies have excluded blind investment. , And use a low-price or even a free model to increase the amount of activity, so as to attract the attention of capital and then raise funds and burn money... Repeatedly, the bubble burst until it is completely impossible to use one lie to fill another lie. As a practitioner in the smart lock industry, we very much hope to see the industry develop along a healthy route. I hope that more smart lock companies can withstand the impact of this wave of low prices, adhere to the spirit of craftsmanship and persistence. At the same time, the vast number of excellent smart lock dealers must insist on building a good service system and objectively understand low-priced products, so as to realize the correct direction of the industry and abandon low-priced and poor-quality services together. This is the only way to go. The entire industry will not be left behind after the capital retreats like the shared bicycle industry!
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