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Smart people have replaced electronic fingerprint locks, are you still not acting-media reports

by:FUYU lock     2021-08-28
With the development of social science and technology, our daily life has also undergone tremendous changes, and the same is true for house decoration. Take the anti-theft lock of the door as an example, it has developed from the traditional mechanical anti-theft lock to the more advanced electronic anti-theft lock, fingerprint anti-theft lock and so on. More and more people are using fingerprint locks. Do you have them installed in your home? The fingerprint lock is a kind of electrical appliance, it must have electricity to be used normally, we usually connect the fingerprint lock to the power supply at home or install the battery in the fingerprint lock. If our community is out of power or the battery runs out, we can also have a spare mechanical key to unlock it. Secondly, we all know that fingerprint locks are unlocked by scanning fingerprints. The scanned surface area is relatively large, and it is made of plastic material, which is easy to be damaged by man-made, and if you encounter finger scratches, stains, peeling, etc. , The fingerprint lock cannot be identified and unlocked. At this time, there is another way to unlock the lock with a password. When we install the anti-theft lock, we will directly set a password to prevent this unexpected situation. However, the working principle of the fingerprint lock is dependent on the running of the background program, it is very easy to beat criminals with technical means to crack the program, and easily enter our homes. Fingerprint anti-theft locks have been developed for some time, and there are many merchants selling them, but until now, there is no uniform quality standard for fingerprint locks. Our ordinary consumers can only introduce the appearance and basic parameters of the product through the merchant, which is difficult to distinguish the anti-theft performance of the product. When we choose fingerprint anti-theft locks, we must choose some big brands, so that the quality can be guaranteed.
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