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Smart phone home security application at your fingertips

by:FUYU lock     2019-12-31
Data show that China now has a population of 1. 3 billion, at least. 0. 5 billion families, with an average investment of about 1000 yuan per family in the security field, such as advanced door locks and burglar alarms, and their market cakes are also Unlimited. In fact, many people invest far more than 1000 yuan in security to ensure home safety. The application of smart phones in home security systems is becoming more and more popular, and smart home remote control is within reach. According to the data released by the police, the number of burglary cases remains high and is on the rise year by year. What is especially worth paying attention to is that burglary cases show new characteristics. First, high-grade residential areas are increasingly becoming the hardest hit areas for theft cases. The reason is that many high-grade residential areas seem to have many security guards, but they are useless; Second, theft cases have a tendency to develop into murder cases. Burglary in Nanjing, Hefei and Shanghai eventually led to murder cases, causing serious social impact. The main reason for the high incidence of burglary cases is that, on the one hand, criminals refurbished their modus operandi and used high technology to open the security door. For example, the current popular tin foil unlocking method can pry open the security door lock in more than 10 seconds. On the other hand, most families do not have anti-theft alarm devices installed. According to the survey, only less than 10% of households have installed alarms. Even so, false positives and false negatives often occur due to technical or installation reasons. The huge market demand has attracted many security enterprises to set foot in the field of home security and has introduced various products that claim to be powerful, such as so-called fingerprint locks, biometric locks, etc, however, the effect is not ideal in actual use, theft cases are still high, and many families still complain incessantly. Zhang Dawei, a professor at China Public Security University, said that in order to solve the problem of burglary, residents' families must first have a sense of security, lock doors and windows when they go out at ordinary times, and be equipped with anti-theft alarm devices. Secondly, it is necessary to establish a scientific family security system. For criminals, there are various means of committing crimes. It is necessary to establish a three-dimensional defense system with sensors as the core and video surveillance as the backing, prevent the case from happening. The wireless smart home launched by Nanjing IoT relies on cloud smart locks, door magnets, window magnets and other sensors to multi-point alarm, to combat burglary crimes, and to promote the pilot in Anhui, Jiangxi, Fujian and other places, with good results. According to analysis, mobile phones change five aspects of life: 1. Time consumption (113 minutes/day), Exceeding the network (106 minutes/day), Approaching TV (144 minutes/day) 2. Mobile devices are used all day long, and the frequency of using mobile phones before going to bed and watching TV is the largest. 3. Mobile consumption activities are diverse, the most used are search and social networks. 4. Mobile advertising affects purchase decisions, lower than TV, and the same as computers. 5. Affects consumer behavior. In the field of household appliances, it is not new to use mobile phones to control televisions. At present, televisions from many manufacturers in the market have been able to use Android system for remote control. What Apple needs to do, it is only in the AppStore to launch the corresponding App application, through the AppleTV and so on to achieve interoperability with the TV. Looking forward to the further future, it is possible to start the water heater, rice cooker and heating system in the office in advance through Apple iMac, iPhone, iPad and other equipment before coming off work. In terms of home lighting system, the blueprint drawn by UMC is that home lighting can realize automatic control of various lighting modes, such as sleep mode, cinema mode, automatic control of the overall light in the working mode. As a control terminal, iMac, iPhone and iPad have huge user base advantages, which I believe any home lighting system provider will not ignore. Smart home involves remote control of doors and windows, kitchen utensils, bathroom utensils and various electronic products in the home. However, the first point to be said first is that Apple will not and does not need to make these household appliances by itself, but will use cooperation with various manufacturers to realize smart home, apple only needs to work hard on the software and then negotiate with various household goods manufacturers. It has a wide user base and strong brand resources as the basis for negotiation, I believe it is not a problem to persuade manufacturers to support Apple's application to control their devices. The interface arrangement of UMC's Android system is more concise and reasonable, and it is clear at a glance. Click to switch scenes and perform scene settings such as going home'Leaving Home'Sleeping'Sports' At the same time, it can also add, modify and delete various scenes. In the specified scene, it is also possible to add, delete, time and even linkage control the equipment related to the scene. Once the setting is completed, it will be automatically operated in the future, it can perfectly cultivate users' reasonable and healthy living habits.
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