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Smart phones will become a pass for a new generation of access control systems

by:FUYU lock     2019-12-31
Nowadays, the access control system is everywhere. There is access control at the gate of the community, access control at the entrance to the corridor, access control at the parking lot, and various electronic locks and punch-in machines are also access control. Therefore, just like many people have many keys, the access card has become a must-have for many people. Moreover, many people have more than one access card, and there will be many problems, for example, the loss of the access card. The technical content of the access card is not high, it can be produced without much cost, and it is very easy to copy, sometimes even appear, holding an ordinary bank card, you can open a series of oolong events of the access control system. At present, many consumers have proposed that they can copy an access card for ten dollars. Therefore, some criminals sell and collect money by copying the access card, let some people who like to take advantage of small profits see the benefits in a short period of time, but ignore the security risks brought by this. For property management, this obviously gives them a big headache, speculators who attempt to obtain free services encroach on the rights and interests of legitimate consumers, which not only damages the expected income of the property, but also increases the cost of property management. The reason why access control exists is to bring consumers a sense of security and reduce the cost of property management through the access control system. However, the disadvantages of access control cards make all this a joke. Therefore, it is more high-end, A more secure and confidential access control system should be shipped out. However, fingerprint locks are easy to reveal biological information, and passwords can't stop those who want to get something for nothing, what can become a truly safe and reliable entrance guard pass? Nowadays, the rapid progress of a smart phone and smart phone technology has brought another possibility to consumers and major production operators. At present, due to the large coverage of the network, the rapid development of Internet of Things technology, and people's pursuit of efficient and safe life, major mobile phone manufacturers have given more functions to smart phones, for example, mobile payment, remote control. Smart phones have now become a necessity in people's hands and play an almost indispensable role in people's lives. Therefore, the smart phone as a pass for access control has already met the basic conditions. After going out every day, the user can close the cloud smart lock on the door through the mobile phone, go to the community parking lot to pick up the car to work, do not need to stop halfway, you can use the mobile phone to open the parking lot access control, while waiting for the red light, you can call the parking lot near the destination to reserve a parking space, drive directly, and send the temporary permission to the mobile phone through the parking lot to open the toll parking lot and park in the reserved parking space. In addition, this series of actions will be uploaded to the cloud to facilitate future traceability and processing, and will also send out alarm messages in case of abnormal situations, thus reducing the possibility of losses. An ordinary smart phone can meet the needs of consumers for access control. With the development of technology, the author can foresee that in the near future, access cards, public transport cards and even bank cards will become the past, the mobile phone will be responsible for some functions such as travel, consumption, attendance, etc. , so that the scenes in science fiction are no longer fantasy, but reality.
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