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So fire intelligent fingerprint door lock, but you don't know if it has so many benefits!

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-19
Recently, many users ask locks, intelligent lock these two years so the fire? It exactly what are the benefits, compared to the machine lock, what it the upper hand? A few thousand dollars to buy a smart lock, worth it when? To answer user of these scores, lock jun today is enumerated some interests about smart locks, want the user to see later, will be like the intelligent lock on tall. Interests 1: with smart locks, cured forgot to take my key can you still remember, small moment will be the key system in the past of the neck, a run into physical education classes or with classmates to beat time, the key is easy to lose and when I came home from school can only alone to sitting in the corridor waiting for parents to come back. To be honest, so much things, often encounter in small make up a small time, but now is after 80 people with small make up, gradually have their own family, have children of their own, do you still have the heart to let they like their little moment also lost the key, sitting in the dark hallway, waiting for? Actually, not only is the child, the parents are to follow the growth of the age, decreases in the memory to deal with the old them forget or lose the key is not what strange things, they will be like a child again, might make some double window home dangerous actions, such as one thousand miss, will bring home an indelible wounds. Actually, forget to take the key, the loss of key, to deal with each people, are occasionally amnesia, amnesia is a kind of disease, ill have to cure, how to treat? Intelligent lock is the best medicine. Installed a smart lock, as long as the input fingerprint, or brush a face, or enter a password, you can easily enter the house. Interests: 2 with smart locks, don not worry was stolen for thousands of years, lock's duty is to guard against theft, with is, lock anti-theft performance, also follow the thief skills grow and grow. But whatever locks skills grow, deal with the thief, there is no such thing as can't open the lock, just the length of time. So, in terms of safety, intelligent lock than machine lock can have the upper hand? And machine lock is the same, intelligent lock can not guarantee, but smart locks and lock machine also mostly USES the C class or super class B lock core, from the physical security, safety lock is quite intelligent lock and machines. In electronic ways, type on the market today are mostly networking smart locks, and largely USES is with ali cloud, tencent, jingdong giants such as supply, collection, so didn't result in collection, is, as long as there is gathering places have hackers, but the big brand basically adopts the encryption chip, or through other means to collect safety supply, with is that general hackers decode intelligent lock. In addition, most of today's intelligent lock pry proof, anti skills open alarm function, has been locked by machine in the era of passive security into level now, intelligent active security, as is, intelligent lock against machine locks, security is more have the upper hand. Interests 3: with smart locks, my feeling was the temperature of the locks for many, the lock is a freshened, sweeping the ironkey, pestle motionless on the door, give a person a kind of 'cruel' feeling. But smart locks are emotional, temperature of one of the members of the family. Say, when you are busy with work, failed to come home from work time you will worrying about parents go out safely home, for the children from school home no. With smart locks, these concerns are no longer. Because many intelligent lock products can be connected to the phone now, when someone opened the door of the moment, intelligent locks are intelligent recognition is parents or children's mobile phone, if they are parents went home, will be sent to the information on your phone; Children go home, will also send the information to your phone. To mean, intelligent lock is a can communicate with people, and the product of emotion, temperature, in the face of such a product, you will put it away? In fact, the upper hand and there are many smart locks, look more fashion, more personality, beautiful than traditional locks are many; Is needless to worry about midnight to disturb the family home anymore; Like with friends and relatives visiting, and when you are not home, can not let them waiting at the door; Like, you on a business trip, needless to worry the husband ( The wife) The interests of the intelligent lock is too many, in this no longer an enumeration. To mean, intelligence is the inevitable outcome of the alternative machine lock lock!
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