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Some precautions of using door lock at ordinary times

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-03
Modern ordinary door locks are easy to have problems. They are different from commercial locks. If they are used for a long time, there will be many problems with civil hardware accessories. Especially the door lock, which is usually used as an accessory, will inevitably break down when it is used for a long time, so we have to ask the unlocking company to unlock it. The damage of the door lock in some users' home is often caused by long-term use or neglect of maintenance. Haikou master Huang lock company tells you the precautions for using the door lock: first, don't use lubricant frequently. Some friends often want to drip lubricant when the door lock is tight. In this way, the lock will be smooth as a whole, but because the oil is easy to stick to the ash, the small hole is easy to slowly accumulate the dust, and the oil putty will be formed, which makes the lock more prone to failure. Haikou master Huang company tells you the right way: blow some pencil powder or some candle powder into the inner tube of the lock cylinder, and then insert the key to rotate it several times. Second, do not use the key to open the door. Because of the gravity or the hinge to the door, the whole door will sink and the door will not lock or open smoothly. It is often difficult to open and lock the door at this time. At this time, do not forcibly turn the key to break the key, and then have to ask the lock company to unlock it or get another key. Haikou master Huang lock company tells you the correct solution: first, check the cause. If the loose leaf door causes the settlement under the door frame, the screws of the door hinge shall be fixed tightly. If the door is deformed, start with the door frame, expand the locking tab accordingly, so that the opening and closing of the door can return to normal.
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