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Some problems still exist in Inductive electronic door lock system

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-02
Since entering the 21st century, inductive IC cards (Also known as contactless IC card) With the rapid development of technology, a new generation of intelligent electronic door locks based on inductive IC card technology have emerged. Since the inductive intelligent electronic door lock has no mechanical contact and no friction during use, it can reduce the wear of the induction card and the intelligent electronic door lock and reduce the failure rate of the intelligent electronic door lock. However, there are still some problems in the inductive intelligent electronic door lock system. In terms of security, what needs to be solved is to prevent the induction card from being illegally copied and in an abnormal way (Such as tool dialing,, suction with strong magnets, etc) Unlocking, and the lock body should have a certain ability to resist external damage. In order to prevent the induction card from being illegally copied, each induction card is usually encrypted before leaving the factory, and different users use different passwords. Card issuance management software also uses password protection to prevent unauthorized personnel from using card issuance management software for illegal business card printing. Due to the use of three-lock anti-dial lock cylinder, when the laboratory door is closed, the anti-dial lock is pressed by the door frame, and the main lock is automatically locked, and the tool cannot be opened or opened. In addition, the motor-driven clutch mechanism has the function of anti-strong magnet suction, and there is no nail exposed on the front lock of the door lock, which can be removed and smashed. The reliability of inductive intelligent electronic door lock system is also very important. At present, the comprehensive reliability of the system can be improved from hardware design and software design. In terms of hardware, the selected main processor PIC16F73 has high anti-interference capability and contains a 'watchdog (WDT) 'Circuit, when the program runs, it can automatically reset the CPU and resume normal operation; Hardware write protection measures are adopted for EEPROM storing important data to avoid data loss when disturbed; Try to use the patch components, strictly carry out aging screening to ensure the quality of the components; In terms of PCB wiring, a series of measures have been taken to improve the anti-interference ability. After nearly five years of use, the application of the inductive intelligent electronic door lock system in the laboratory building of the experimental center shows that the system has basically met the requirements of the laboratory security intelligent system in terms of software and hardware functions, safety, reliability, low power consumption, etc.
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