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Some reminders of Sanya lock company

by:FUYU lock     2020-02-28
After determining which type of lock cylinder to choose, the next step is to determine the quality of the lock cylinder. The quality of the lock cylinder is easy to judge. From the surface workmanship of the lock cylinder, we can see that if the surface looks rough, the quality of the lock cylinder must be poor. The safety of the lock cylinder can be judged from the shape of the key. The safety performance of the common shape key cylinder is relatively poor, so the selection should be careful. The lock cylinder of a more complex key, such as a snake shaped anti pulling rib, is very safe. We have to go out to work every day, and we have to repeat the action of opening and closing the door every day. Although the door can not be broken, the lock cylinder will have problems after a period of use. The lock cylinder with problems can continue to lock and unlock, but the security is greatly lost. For the sake of our property safety, the company reminds you to immediately carry out the lock cylinder once you find the lock cylinder has problems Before replacing the lock cylinder, the selection of the lock cylinder is very important. The improper selection of the lock cylinder will not only cause problems in the installation, but also guarantee the safety in the future. It is recommended to pay attention to the length of the lock cylinder when purchasing the lock cylinder. If the length of the lock cylinder is not suitable, it will not be installed. Generally, the length of the lock cylinder is selected according to the thickness of the door. Now there are two kinds of thickness of the door in the market, one is 50mm and the other is 70mm. When selecting the lock cylinder, the thickness of the door should be measured in advance. If the former is generally selected, the thickness of the door should be measured in advance Choose 75mm long lock cylinder. If the latter, choose 90mm long lock cylinder. In fact, when choosing the lock cylinder, the price is the best way to judge the quality and safety of the lock cylinder. If you want to buy a good lock cylinder, don't be greedy for cheap.
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