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by:FUYU lock     2021-03-06
Hello how are you, what do you call it, is you need stainless steel hand lock? You are the stainless steel hand lock factory? Stainless steel hand lock and how much will it cost? Yes, you need is what price stainless steel hand lock? We can recommend suitable products according to your demand. I want to better quality, to use on the vanke's project, as the product of form a complete set of wooden door. Quality better hand lock I suggest choose 304 stainless steel material, we have 304 stainless steel and 201 stainless steel two kinds, 304 can be used for a longer time, comprehensive performance is more stable, generally with a 7, 8 years is very normal that the price of stainless steel hand lock is how to calculate the price of stainless steel hand lock and lock body and lock core has much to do, quality better price in 50/60 or so commonly, better price in more than 100 points, if the quantity is big, still can again a little bit discount, we want to know your specific needs to give a specific price, so worthwhile. So, for this I really don't know, I need more than 1000 lock better stainless steel hand, so, you tell me the WeChat, then send a product pictures to me, and I see the styles and prices. Ok, my WeChat/phone: 13777751778, do you have any needs, directly WeChat told me. Ok, bye
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