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Stainless steel, zinc alloy, the difference between pure copper door lock

by:FUYU lock     2021-01-25
In the life of common indoor door lock from the material points are: stainless steel door locks, zinc alloy door locks, pure copper door lock. These three kinds of material of door lock from metal properties on each have advantages and disadvantages, to undertake choosing according to own actual situation, indoor door lock factory workers come today and you talk about the advantages and disadvantages of these three kinds of material of door lock where it is.     Stainless steel door lock: see often in primary colors, including common stainless steel 201 stainless steel and 304 stainless steel material, of which 304 is better, stainless steel door lock has a good anti-corrosion ability, modeling simple and easy, design is joker, high cost performance, are popular with many young people. Stainless steel door lock faults is clear, no complicated shape, reading a book is single.     Zinc alloy door locks, zinc GeJinZhi is relatively soft, can be made into various shapes, through the plating process, can be formed on the surface of the door lock complex design, largely improve locks oxidizing, disadvantages: metal hardness is not high, vulnerable to external impact will produce deformation.     Pure copper door, copper has been well a kind of metal material, copper has good plasticity, can be made into various style appearance, and pure copper door lock after plating processing, can have a good corrosion resistance, high hardness. Disadvantages: copper as a rare metal, led to the pure copper door lock price is quite high.
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