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Starting from intelligent entrance guard in a free way, 'Cloud Gate' should be the entrance and closed loop of community service

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-05
There is not much difference between opening the door with mobile phone APP and directly taking the access card brush. Perhaps the former moves more and users will be willing to use it? 'This is what I threw to Cloud Gate'Founder Li Tie's first question. He told me that the feedback of APP data is different from my subjective judgment: After two weeks of installation and use of the product and APP, there are now more than 18000 users and more than 11000 active users per day. Cloud Gate' The principle of the intelligent access control product is relatively simple. A palm-sized hardware product is installed next to the original access control of the community. Through the mobile phone APP (Or shake the phone) It can be opened with hardware and does not hinder the normal use of the original access control system and access control card. Cloud Gate'The hardware uses Bluetooth 4. 0 technology, users need to use when the Bluetooth of the mobile phone is turned on, and do not need pairing and networking. In addition, the team has optimized and upgraded the technology on this basis, making the response speed of intelligent access control reach 0. 1 second. Li Tie introduced that with the help of APP Cloud Gate, visitor authorization has also been developed' Function: Residents in the community can authorize one or more times to open the door on the APP before visitors visit, so that visitors can directly open the door to enter and leave the community through the app, avoid the hassle of registration, phone verification or no access. On this version of APP currently online, Cloud Gate' Docking a series of property services, including announcements, repairs, payment, bills, contact properties, complaints, praise, etc. , that is, to improve the convenience of property services, but also facilitate the exchange between households and property. At present, Cloud Gate has installed intelligent access control in more than 30 residential areas across the country, with more than 200 residential areas to be installed after signing the agreement. Cooperative real estate developers include Guangdong Hongyuan, Zhujiang Holdings, Hopson chuangzhan, etc, the region covers Guangzhou, Wuhan, Changsha, Xiangtan, Chongqing, Jinan, Hangzhou, Tianjin, Beijing and other places. It is worth mentioning that Li Tie is promoting Cloud Gate' Intelligent Access Control found that the use of the product itself is very rich, not necessarily limited to the community. The usage scenarios can be diversified, and the products are also popular in office buildings and offices, especially the office usage rate is very high, and permissions can be set and employee fingerprint attendance can be replaced. In the future, Cloud Gate can also be applied to electronic entrance guard of cinemas and scenic spots. Recently, Cloud Gate' In Beijing, we have just decided to start a business meeting room with Snowball Finance, Zoomlion Holdings and Chuangye Street' Cooperation, the installation and use experience of the intelligent access control system. Cloud Gate' In terms of hardware, installation and APP usage, it is all free, so where is its profit point? Li Tie said that the future profit point will mainly come from the following three aspects: Beacon system: Cloud Gate' A commercial section will be added to the next version of APP to provide a hardware beacon system for merchants around the community, similar to iBeacon. Residents in the community can know the commodities and preferential information of merchants around the community at any time through APP. O2O service access: Cloud Gate' It is hoped that the APP with high user stickiness will be connected to the community O2O service and cooperate with the third party to guide the rebate. Community Sharing Economy: Cloud Gate' We will cooperate deeply with the property to promote shared parking spaces and shared catering services in the community, and the income will be divided with the property and owners. Cloud Gate' At present, round A financing is being started, and it is planned to complete the installation of 1000 residential areas this year. It is hoped that one or two model residential areas can be made everywhere to gradually realize the commercial closed loop.
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