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Strictly Defending Strategy|Unlocking the 'Upper' Strategy of Fuyu Electronic Lock

by:FUYU lock     2021-11-13
'Strategy of Yanxi Palace' is over. It doesn't matter, the menacing Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace is already online. As a harem woman, if you want to never drop a box lunch, you must not only have a good brain, but also get the 'cheats' of the upper harem. Then, when the Fuyu electronic lock becomes a 'harem' female pig's foot, can it succeed in reaching the position? Round1 was born in the PK 'Strategy of Yanxi Palace'. In addition to being loved by the emperor for being beautiful, virtuous and virtuous, Empress Fucha's noble background provided strong support for her. You should know that the Qing Dynasty practiced 'no intermarriage between Manchu and HanThis shows that a good background is very important. Fuyu Electronic Lock, as a big smart lock brand with all-guaranteed technology, word-of-mouth, and after-sales service, is born in a PK and wins ~ Round2 The appearance of PK is in the harem, do I still need to talk about the importance of appearance? ! ! Which emperor does not love beautiful women? ! The appearance of Fuyu electronic lock is also impeccable. Whether you want to be cold, gentle, classical, or modern, there is always one that suits you~ Look PK, win~ Round3 Talent PK As a harem woman, the emperor wants to listen to the piano, you have to know it; the emperor wants to You have to know how to play chess; the emperor wants to paint, you have to know more; only with the blessing of talent can you be more competitive. Mobile APP management; USB emergency power supply; 64-bit virtual password; optical/semiconductor fingerprint head, indoor anti-cat eye unlocking... Of course, the 'talented' Fuyu electronic lock is not afraid of it, talent PK, wins ~ Round4 'Wisdom' PK 'Strategy of Yanxi PalaceAs one of the blooming flowers, if you want to continue to attract the emperor's attention, how can you do without a smart head? For 'intelligenceMobile app management makes operation easier. It can also be linked with smart cat eyes to monitor the situation outside the door in real time around the clock. Intelligent protection, more peace of mind~ 'Intelligence' PK, also wins steadily! This is a 'superior battle' based on strength. In fact, your satisfaction is the ultimate secret of Fuyu electronic lock's 'superior'
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