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Suning Tesco promotes 100 thousand smart door locks for free trial in 618

by:FUYU lock     2019-12-21
Suning Tesco's promotion in 618 has already started. This year's 618 E-commerce promotion not only started a price war and a service war, but also started a smart black technology war, a smart product and a smart retail consumption experience, suning Tesco brings more smart home products to consumers. To say this year 618 in big promotion is about to produce of hot selling products intelligent speaker, sweep the floor robot, intelligent door lock and intelligent home products absolute is very hope with the years war becomes more and more fierce will more hot. In particular, the intelligent door lock, as the first entrance to the intelligent home, can be said to be a revolutionary improvement in security and convenience compared with the traditional mechanical door lock, it is expected to become a big explosion in the year of Suning Tesco. Compared with traditional mechanical locks, intelligent door locks show intelligent advantages in user identification, management and safety. Touch screen, fingerprint unlock, password unlock and other unlocking methods are more convenient, built-in embedded processor and intelligent monitoring equipment are more convenient and safer. At present, the penetration rate of smart door locks in the Chinese market is far lower than that in the international market. According to relevant data, the market penetration rate of smart door locks in China was only 3% in 2017, however, this figure is 40% in Japan and 80% in foreign countries respectively. China's intelligent door lock has huge market space. It is reported that during the promotion period of Suning Tesco in 618 this year, 100 thousand smart door locks have been prepared. Users can experience the trial for free, so that more users can feel the convenience of smart door locks. At the same time, Suning Tesco has launched a city strategy for smart door locks in Beijing, Shanghai, Xi 'an and Guiyang, providing a half-day service for smart door locks to further optimize the consumption experience of smart door locks. For the after-sales service of the smart door lock, Suning Tesco has an exclusive commitment to change it for 365 days, so that the consumption of the smart door lock has no worries. At the same time, it also proposes three exemptions and two guarantees' Service, that is, the first door-to-door free material fee, free door-to-door fee, free installation fee, free warranty within 1 year, and a family anti-theft insurance worth 100 thousand yuan. In terms of smart home products, experiences and services, Suning Tesco took the lead in 618. 100 thousand smart door locks are free of charge. Users can personally experience the brand-new experience brought by smart home products, feel the Real welfare and truly realize that intelligent technology changes life.
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