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Suoxia preparations for shooting Yu Liqing praised Lu Lings three good students-FUYU-img

'Suoxia' preparations for shooting Yu Liqing praised Lu Ling's 'three good students'

by:FUYU     2020-01-14
2011-04- 28 Source: Yahoo Entertainment Browse: 761 comments: 1 Core tip: recently, the anti-big play 'lock man' directed by the famous director Yu Liqing has entered the post-preparation stage, it will be officially started in May. Director Lu Ling and Yu Liqing have cooperated for four times. Recently, the anti-big play 'suo Xia' directed by the famous director Yu Liqing has entered the post-preparation stage and will be officially launched in May. The play has a series of ups and downs around the lock man, and the complicated and wonderful plot also makes the play much anticipated. The powerful actor Lu Ling is the female number one in the play. She is a madman. She always sees a news in the newspaper and becomes mad. What news will make her do this? What unknown secrets are hidden behind her? Having a son and a daughter, she should have lived a happy and comfortable life. What made her break her heart? The film 'Lock Man', the director Yu Liqing hand-picked Lu Ling, for the four-time cooperation of the actress, Yu Liqing gave a high evaluation, Lu Ling is A'Three good student' Good person, very easy-going, the interpersonal relationship in the crew is very good; Good show, her foundation is very good, acting is really nothing to say; Good teacher, for some newcomers in the crew, Lu Ling always patiently tells them the play. Label: lock Xia Yu Liqing Lu Ling
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