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Supply pan Rong Wolverine super-B blade lock

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-07
Don't you think it's safe to be stolen for many years? Do you want to have a lock cylinder several times stronger than the wolf tooth lock cylinder? In order to avoid the trouble caused by the size measurement error, please measure carefully! 1. The size of the inaccurate instrument of the lock cylinder allows an error of 5mm, so the new lock cylinder can be installed normally within 5mm shorter than the lock cylinder you are using, without affecting the use! 2. Both ends of the lock cylinder have the same anti-theft property. It can be installed in the outer short end, with either end facing the door! 3. The lock cylinder can only be delivered after the model is determined. Please confirm the size of the lock cylinder. We are the authorized store and the only one with genuine guarantee. The whole network model is the most complete, 99% of which have the model you need. Note: 1. The length of the selected lock cylinder shall not exceed the length of the old lock cylinder. 2 as the end of the key has been reserved with space and part, the size of the new lock cylinder is 5mm shorter than that of the old one. During installation, the long end and short end can face the door, and the anti-theft performance of both ends of Wolverine lock cylinder is the same. The size of the long end and the short end of your lock cylinder is arbitrarily switched in the table. Product parameters: Brand: Pioneer model: BII lock cylinder material: Copper matching door thickness: & gt; 55mm function purpose: Lock indoor door lock door finish
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