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Talking about the replacement method of anti-theft

by:FUYU lock     2020-02-28
The black rotating ring in the middle of the lock cylinder is located in the middle of the lock cylinder, which is the middle opening. Partial separation: it means that the black rotating ring in the middle of the lock cylinder is on one side of the lock cylinder, i.e. the left and right are not the same width; the length of the lock cylinder: it means the whole length of the lock cylinder, which is very important and can not be installed in case of inconsistency. Generally, the door with a thickness of 50mm is equipped with a 75mm lock head [lock cylinder], and the door with a thickness of 70mm is equipped with a 90mm lock head lock cylinder. It is recommended to replace your lock cylinder in case of the following situations: first, if you are a zigzag key (generally grade A), the anti-theft performance is poor, and it is recommended to upgrade the lock cylinder; second, the lock cylinder has a certain service life, and it is easy to be difficult to unlock if it exceeds the service life, such as when unlocking the lock card; third, your lock cylinder has been injected with edible oil or non professional lubricant (it is easy to absorb metal chips , affecting the opening of the lock cylinder), the lock cylinder is usually lubricated with graphite; 4. If your key hole is blocked by foreign matters or the mark of mechanical prying, it is recommended to replace it; 5. If your house has been rented to others, it is recommended to replace the lock cylinder; 6. If your house has just been decorated, the decoration key has been used by the worker's master (an experienced locksmith can match the decoration key with the master key). Of course, it's better to find a professional lock installation master to replace the anti-theft lock cylinder. Master Huang can choose master Huang lock company. Our company is a lock replacement company registered by Haikou Public Security Bureau. The 24-hour hotline is 0898-66666119. At the same time, we suggest that you must keep your own door key. Generally, the traditional idea is that the heavier the lock cylinder and the key, the better. That's a mistake. What is the most anti-theft lock cylinder? The brand B-class lock cylinder of anti-theft door lock cylinder is more anti-theft. At present, there are three types of lock cylinder used on the market, A-class B-class and B-Class. The anti-destructive opening of A-class lock cylinder is more than 15 minutes, and the anti-technical opening is more than 1 minute. The class a lock cylinder can no longer prevent thieves; the class B lock shall be able to prevent destructive opening for more than 30 minutes and technical opening for more than 5 minutes; the biggest feature of the super class B anti-theft lock is that the technical opening time for more than 270 minutes. It is also called C-level lock cylinder, which means that the safety exceeds B-level. Now it is better to use super-B lock cylinder. The most anti-theft lock cylinder has been upgraded to class B and super class B. It is better to choose super class B when purchasing. So, what brand of anti-theft door lock element is good?
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