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Talking about the story of the lock

by:FUYU lock     2021-09-06
'The old locks are also beautiful. The keys are exquisite and beautiful. Once you lock it, people will understand.' The description of the lock in the song 'Once Upon a Time Slow' always reminds me of the lock on the door of my hometown. It is a very ordinary lock, I don't know the age, and it has always been simple and beautiful. A lock is not only to protect the precious things in the home, but also to entrust every household with a desire for a happy life. I went back to my hometown a few years ago. The house in my hometown is still there, the brick wall, the wooden door are also there, and the lock is still hung on the dilapidated door, all with green embroidery and a thick layer of ash. Touch, there will be a lot of things, drilled through the door, let me truly enjoy the closeness without a diaphragm. Standing in front of the old house, I will think of my childhood. With the raised hand, he did not dare to easily insert the key into the keyhole, because the clear response was to remember the opening of the gate. The years were too ruthless, and the age of the lock was increased, and the lock appeared to be a little staggered. After the oiling and adjustment, the vitality of the past was restored. Many years ago, I always thought it was a very common lock in my hometown. I only discovered that it was the most precious nostalgia after many years. People are always going to get old, and these old people are slowly, slowly finding the past and then thinking about it. The locks of memory, the faults of time, there are bitterness and sweetness. Some people can have a lot of things in their lifetime, but they can't just leave me with nostalgia, but to create more things that should be more memorable in the future. Human beings are progressing and society is also progressing. Every progress in human society is accompanied by the progress of science and technology. In particular, the rapid advancement of modern science and technology has opened up a broader space for the development of social productive forces and human civilization. With the advent of the intelligent age, people's survival seems to rely more and more on science and technology, and the same is true for locks. Speaking of locks, it should be one of the most common objects in people's daily life. From the initial stone age to today's intelligent manufacturing, after a long history of accumulation and precipitation, technology has begun to empower all aspects of life. At present, the home smart lock market is very hot, and fingerprint password locks have gradually been accepted by the public in the past two years. Explore the origin of the lock, only to know the history of the lock. As early as 3000 BC, in the Yangshao Cultural Site of China, there are wooden locks installed on wooden structures. The lock, the door key, is a sealing device that can only be opened with a key. The original lock has been with humans for thousands of years, so the old people and the old things involuntarily add a sense of weight... It seems to be a couple, they are all closely linked in Chinese vocabulary, and they have never changed. When the door enters the door position, a lock is installed on the door. When the lock is performing its duties, the key comes in and out, and the scenery outside the door is moved to the door, and the information in the door is spilled outside the door. . A lock of time and time locks the past and the future. With the passage of time, I discovered that there is a story behind each lock. The lock and door finally became a home. Home is very important to everyone. She is our safe haven. When we are tired, we go home and rest every day. Home is the gathering place of our emotions. With the people we love, home cannot tolerate others. Violating, 'locking up' love for a lifetime, nothing wrong. Speaking of this era, it should be said that we are very fortunate, this is a good era, this is an era of intelligence, but also an era that requires security. The author settled in Ningbo, and the house was demolished and relocated. The security of the community is not very good, nor can it be said to be bad, but it is necessary to guard against others, and it is not once or twice that I forget to bring the key when I go out. It is imperative to change the lock, so let's change the lock! The choice is the 'Fuyu' Skyeye Smart Lock that is the most pleasing to the eye! 'Fuyu' Tianyan smart lock uses an electroplated/painted shell, and can also see the metal drawing process, giving people a very tough and stylish feeling, and a sense of security! With both appearance and quality, the popularity of such a convenient and technologically-sense product is not accidental, but inevitable! Nowadays, the word 'intelligence' has penetrated into everyone's life. When the era of smart home comes, why not choose a smart door lock? WeChat and Alipay let us bid farewell to the days of going out with wallets, but we still had to bring the keys to go out. We hurriedly forgot to bring the keys, so we had to ask a locksmith to open the door; when we left garbage, a gust of wind locked the door and wanted to cry without the key. No tears; lost the key is most afraid of bad people pick it up; these trivial matters are really time-consuming and troublesome. In the fast-paced modern life, can you spare time and energy from your busy schedule to give yourself and your family more care? Have you ever taken care of your parents’ health, children’s safety, family property theft and other issues and various daily routines? All sorts of trivial things in life are exhausting? Especially the elderly in the family are getting older, their memory is not as good as they were in the past, and sometimes it is inevitable that they will forget to take the keys to go out. How can you help when you are far away?-Find 'Fu' 'Yu' Tianyan smart lock, all key troubles are easily solved.
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