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Teach you how to polishing the selection of intelligent lock bright eyes!

by:FUYU lock     2020-07-29

Teach you how to polishing the selection of intelligent lock bright eyes! On the vast majority of customers, home smart door lock is the most important two things: security and convenience. Actually use smart door lock only has combination unlocked and fingerprint both function, is enough. These two functions, usually wouldn't have left the key with you at all times. As for the other function, use frequency is not high. And the corresponding function is mixed and disorderly, the higher the danger. So, customers when choosing household intelligent door locks, there is no need to blindly pursue high-tech utility, enough is enough. Also pay attention to when the choose and buy household intelligent door locks, the price is too cheap to buy. In general, choose 2000 yuan or so smart door lock is good - to choose below RMB 800 yuan. In addition, more attention when buying door lock manufacturers, as far as possible to choose those who can find manufacturers directly, after-sales service by the manufacturer for door lock, because the smart door lock this emerging electronic products after-sales problems likely to be higher than ordinary mechanical lock, appear problem, high-quality after-sales service is especially important. Intelligent lock choose zhongshan Fuyu copper household, company's main intelligent anti-theft lock, intelligent lock, smart door locks, intelligent lock brands, copper, copper mechanical lock, door lock, intelligent safe sanitary ware, copper lights, copper switch/outlet, copper accessories such as product line, category is complete, the service several companies, welcome to inquire!
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