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Teach you smart lock several big maintenance skills!

by:FUYU lock     2020-07-30

Teach you smart lock several big maintenance skills! 1. Collect the fingerprints, the strength of the finger should be moderate. If there is no collection, please do not 'violence'. 2. The fingerprint collection window use time is too long, the dust on the surface may affect normal use. ( Can use soft cloth to wipe) 。 3. Fingerprint lock panel should not contact with corrosive substances, and surface coating will be destroyed, it will affect the normal use of the fingerprint lock. 4, avoid hanging in the handle (the object Handle is a key part of the switch lock, directly affect the use of the fingerprint lock) 。 5, LCD screen, please do not be too hard, and knocked at the door. 6. To avoid collision use hard objects or knocking on the shell, otherwise it may damage the surface coating and indirectly affect internal electronic fingerprint lock function. 7. Avoid the use of alcohol, gasoline, thinner or other flammable material, clean or maintain the lock. 8. There is a fingerprint lock slide. Please do not pull the slide. Promote the opening and closing, correct and proper use of slide. 9, waterproof protection. Try to avoid using smart locks, direct contact with water or other liquid or immersed in water or other liquid. ( If the shell exposed in liquid or salt fog, please use soft absorbent cloth) 。 10. If the battery is not enough, please replace the battery in time. ( Please remember, when going out for a long time to replace a new battery, in order to avoid damage to the battery and circuit inside the battery liquid will corrosion) 。 11. If the fingerprint lock has been used for more than six months, please check the battery to prevent the battery into the fingerprint lock circuit board. 12. Please do not remove and remove. Fingerprint lock is mostly built-in complex electronic components, can be caused due to non-professional remove damaged or other serious consequences.
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