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Telephone analysis of car door handle

by:FUYU     2020-03-05
Our demand for cars is also increasing day by day. The number of cars keeps increasing, especially at this time when we use more cars. 1. This plan is simple and beautiful. You only need to pick it from the bottom up to open the door. It's easy to use. But the plan of the car pull out is also a big defect, that is, fingernails are also easy to scratch the car paint at the groove of the car door handle, so the owners should pay attention to the purchase of protective Stickers! 2. Car up turn door handle the car up turn door handle can be seen in the old car or in the car with lower cost. There is also an irrationality in the car's up flip door handle, that is, when the car presents a collision, it will be more difficult to open. However, if the door handle of the car can be planned well, it will also make the streamline of the car more smooth. This kind of planning can also reduce the coefficient of wind resistance, and make the car body have a better and stable function, and there will be sensor equipment, and the door is also lighter! 3. And the hidden door handle of the car Many car door handles are hidden deep by planners, so many car owners can't find the door. The hidden door handles are on the back door, such as Chery's A3. You can move the handle that was originally on the door panel to the C-pillar of the car body, so some car owners can't find the door when they use this door handle * * times! 4. Some of the door handles on the sports cars are designed to let us know where to start, such as Nissan's ct-r, The color of the door handle is silver metal brushed. This color is different from the raw materials of the car body. However, it is customary for you to buy the position. If you look carefully, you will know how to open it. In fact, the car door handle also has no handle. If you want to open it, you need to press the right side of the door handle. At this time, the left side will pop up immediately. Then the action of opening the door will be different from that of holding the hand. When driving, go to the doorknob first. If you can't find the doorknob of a car, you can't get on the car. If you can't find the doorknob of a used car, you can't get on the used car. Although the doorknob is not very impressive, it's very important.
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