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Tell you the potential of the smart lock market through data!

by:FUYU lock     2019-12-17
Big data, driven by the hot smart home market, the smart door lock is in the market start-up period, with participants competing for layout and fierce market competition. Limited by users' consumption concept and relatively high selling price of intelligent door locks, intelligent door locks are first applied in medium and high-end residential buildings and widely used in B- end users such as office buildings, banks and government agencies. However, with the increasingly hot concept of smart home, more and more ordinary users begin to come into contact with smart home products, among which smart door lock products have gradually attracted users' attention due to their high safety performance of electronic code lock and fingerprint lock, the C- end market entered the early stage of the market outbreak. The smart door lock market is still dominated by engineering bidding channels, and brands and capabilities become the focus of smart door lock manufacturers. At this stage, the B- end market is still the main demand side of intelligent door locks. Engineering, office buildings, financial institutions and relevant government agencies have higher demand for security door locks, however, solutions such as house management in intelligent door locks provide management solutions for houses, tenants and managers while ensuring safety, assisting in daily work. The B- end market of intelligent door locks is relatively mature. In contrast, the concept of users in the C- end market is gradually changing. The market still needs further education. Smart door lock manufacturers build brand awareness from the aspects of products, channels and services, through the production of brands with excellent performance and the establishment of an efficient and high-quality after-sales service system, the brand advantage will be gradually expanded and the market share will be seized by means of offline experience to promote online sales. At present, the smart door lock market is mixed with good and evil people, with low market concentration and lack of head brands. The lack of smart home interconnection standards also leads to the emergence of various products as isolated islands of information. With the gradual systematization of smart home, smart door locks will be connected to more smart life scenes. Sales volume: China sold about 4 million smart door locks in 2016, concentrated in North and South China. It is expected that the sales volume of smart door locks will exceed 32 million by 2019. Compared with Japan, South Korea, Europe and the United States, China's smart door lock market penetration rate is relatively low, less than 3%. For the domestic market, China has a population of about 1. 4 billion and 0. 4 billion families, of which more than 70% are families with three or more people, with an average family size of more than 3 people, with the aggravation of the aging population and the liberalization of the two-child policy, the proportion of the elderly and children in the population has further increased, reaching more than 37% in 2015. Compared with the traditional door lock, the intelligent door lock is more suitable for the elderly and children to avoid the traditional behavior of losing keys. Therefore, 97% of households have a need to update from mechanical locks to smart locks, and the number of new homes will remain relatively high. Judging from the domestic market, the penetration rate of intelligent door locks is relatively low and the potential market is huge. At present, the intelligent door lock market is a blue sea. Sales channels, smart door lock retail channels mainly rely on offline channels and engineering channels, dealers have played a huge value, of which the smart door lock is still dominated by the B- end market at this stage, there is a large demand in engineering, office buildings and other aspects, and project bidding is still the main sales method. At present, the proportion of online channels is relatively low, mainly relying on Jingdong, Tmall, Taobao and its own shopping malls. Smart door lock manufacturers need to use offline experience to promote online sales to continue to educate the personal/home market. Industry financing, intelligent door lock is favored by the capital market, most of which are angel round and A round, and the market is gradually maturing. Since 2014, there have been 22 financing incidents in the field of smart door locks, accounting for about 10% of the total field of smart homes. Smart door locks are favored by the capital market. Most of the financing is still dominated by Angel round and A round. The market is in the early stage of industrialization. Start-up companies and capital have poured in one after another. Among them, Gubei electronic layout software, hardware and intelligent door locks have been introduced, it has taken the lead in realizing round C financing. With Yunding technology, which focuses on the production of intelligent door locks, it realized 51 million round B financing in March 2017, leading the emerging start-up company of intelligent door locks. With the development of technology, the smart door lock has shifted from the B- end market to the C- end market. Driven by the upsurge of smart home, the smart door lock market will gradually mature.
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