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Ten principles of Hainan master Huang lock company

by:FUYU lock     2020-02-23
In general, if the door lock fails to open in case of an accident, you need to contact Hainan master Huang lock company. However, Hainan master Huang lock company has its own principles. It is not always on call. You can open the door lock. In the industry, there are ten principles. Let's see what they are. 1. If the identity card is not complete or there is false suspicion, the lock will not be unlocked. If the ownership of the property right of the house cannot be confirmed, it shall not be unlocked. 3 units in holidays are generally not allowed to unlock in Hefei. 4. If there is no safe box signed and sealed by the person in charge of the unit, the file cabinet will not be unlocked. 5. In case of a dispute which is in the judicial process but has not been confirmed by legal documents, Hefei shall not unlock the lock. 6. The lock shall not be unlocked if the state organ has taken compulsory measures. All vehicles of unknown origin will not be unlocked. 8. If a mentally ill person who is in a state of delirium after drinking and who is suffering from dementia asks for it, Hefei will not be allowed to open the lock. 9. The folder and password box with unknown source will not be unlocked. If a criminal fraudulently or violently threatens to unlock the lock, he shall not unlock the lock under the condition that his wit ensures his own safety.
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