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The agony of forgetting to bring the key

by:FUYU lock     2020-02-29
It is understood that Ms. Zhang, who lives in Haikou No.1 community, was in a hurry to take her son to school two days ago. She was not in a hurry because of the time. She closed the door in a hurry. At that time, she didn't pay attention to whether she had the key, and her lock was the lock her husband had just bought for 200 yuan. It wasn't until Ms. Zhang came home in the afternoon and was about to open the door with the key that she found her key was not taken. She was a little worried, so she went to the city to find the locksmith to help open the door, but the locksmith didn't open the door for half a day. Ms. Zhang couldn't find another locksmith, but the locksmith was too busy to open the door. She had to find another young master, thinking that this should be able to be opened, but after an hour, the young master said, I can't open the door, you can better unlock the master. Ms. Zhang looks at the dark on the sky horse, and her son is going home soon. If she can't get into the house, what can she do? Ms. Zhang is more and more anxious. So she wanted to find a master who installed air conditioning, came down from the upstairs neighbor's house and opened the door through the window. But neighbors reminded her that it was too dangerous to do so, and that it would be more troublesome if something happened. After that, Ms. Zhang went to find the fourth lock master, and after more than an hour of unlocking, she finally opened the door. Later, the locksmith said that the key should be kept in a conspicuous place at ordinary times, so that it's not easy to forget the key at home, and it won't bring trouble because the key can't be found.
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