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The big guess about the future of smart homes, home robots are getting closer and closer to the lives of ordinary people

by:FUYU lock     2021-09-24
Einstein: I never think about the future, it will come soon. Have you ever thought that one day there will be a home robot in your house that can help you do many things? If you are alone at home, the home robot can chat with you. If you are busy with work and do not have time to take care of children and the elderly, home robots can accompany your loved ones on your behalf. You are watching TV on the sofa and want to have a cup of coffee, and the home robot will help you adjust it right away. If you have a good meal and are unwilling to wash the dishes, a household robot can wash the dishes for you. In short, it can make your life very comfortable, as long as you can think of, home robots can always satisfy you in various life scenarios. Home robots should be familiar to friends who like science fiction films. The editor is also very impressed by the robot Gaojiaqi in the recent web drama 'Adventure King Wesley'. Gaojiaqi's IQ and behavior are almost the same as ordinary people, and he has the ability to think independently. You can still tease Wesley in front of the hostess. You are the 39th girl I know here. Home robots do not only appear in science fiction films. In fact, we are really close in reality. Last month, I accompanied my daughter to visit Ningbo Book City. There is a shopping guide robot in the lobby, which can help customers find product locations and recognize voice requests. It even greets and interacts with customers, such as high-fiving, and occasionally a hug. In fact, it is quite smart. The concept of artificial intelligence has a history of 60 years since it was put forward. It has experienced several big ups and downs. The giants have almost madly invested huge sums of money in the development and transformation of technology. In recent years, it has finally achieved rapid development. From May 9th to May 11th, Yuyao, Zhejiang hosted the three-day Fifth China Robotics Summit. In the dialogue, all the guests agreed that artificial intelligence and robots are gradually becoming mature, and the reason for maturity is that AI and robots are merging and developing in coordination with major industries. Whether it is industry, finance, agriculture, education and culture, and even legal fields, AI robots are needed for help. In public scenes, AI and robots are deeply integrated with industrial and agricultural scenes, while in private scenes, home robots will have a large market. The editor believes that the popularity of artificial intelligence and robots is faster than we might have imagined. For example, robots are used in industry. As a modern hardware door lock manufacturing company, Ningbo Fuyu Hardware Co., Ltd. also replaces manual operations with robots in the product polishing process, which greatly improves work efficiency. In the field of automobile manufacturing, applications in the field of driverless cars represented by Google and Baidu. Original article: Fuyu fingerprint lock Please indicate the source for reprinting.
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