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The Butterfly Effect of intelligent door lock may disappear in the future

by:FUYU lock     2019-12-28
The birth of a new industry is bound to have a great impact on some old industries! I don't know when to start, the intelligent door lock gradually occupies the door lock market. Compared with the traditional door lock, the safer and more intelligent door lock has won the favor of many people. However, in the eyes of most people, only seeing the popularity of intelligent door locks, but not seeing the butterfly effect behind them, many industry related to door locks are quietly withdrawing from the world. The disappearance of the traditional door lock industry and the emergence of intelligent door locks have a great impact on life. On the one hand, the intellectualization of door locks has stimulated people's pursuit of life and the development of many industries. Some mainstream home appliance industry, door lock industry and electronics industry are slowly beginning to transform into intelligent door lock industry, joining the production team of intelligent door lock, and enterprises and manufacturers have found a new way out. On the other hand, the retail industry of traditional door locks has been devastated. More and more people have chosen intelligent door locks, which greatly reduces people's demand for traditional door locks. With the continuous development of intelligent door locks, bullet locks, padlocks, bucket locks and mortise locks are gradually replaced. It can be said that the arrival of intelligent door locks has accelerated the demise of the traditional door lock industry. The decline of the repair and unlocking industry, in the past, in the criss-crossing alleys can always find the magic power'Repair lock master. With their professional lock fixing skills, they have helped people solve some seemingly small but practical problems: the key is lost, the door lock is broken, and the door lock cannot be opened, these are the problems that often occur in traditional door locks. However, under the wave of the development of intelligent door locks, many families have abandoned the traditional door locks and switched to intelligent door locks. Compared with the traditional door lock, the intelligent door lock is more durable and durable. People lose their dependence on the key and do not need to repair and unlock the lock frequently. This is undoubtedly a bad news for the repair and unlocking industry. The change of the door lock, the traditional door lock, after the wind and the sun, or the long-term rotation of the key, will produce some ills, such as: Rust, lock core aging, key break, etc, these problems often bring great distress and trouble to people. With the progress of social science and technology, intelligent door locks have gradually entered people's field of vision. Compared with traditional door locks, intelligent door locks are safe and convenient. I believe that in the near future, intelligent door locks will slowly replace most traditional door locks. The development of new things will definitely occupy the share of old things, because new things have advantages that old things cannot compare. For example, the door lock at home: the traditional door lock has low safety and the key is easy to lose; However, the development of intelligent door locks has gradually solved the disadvantages of traditional door locks. The great changes in product safety and intelligence are beyond the reach of traditional door locks. Therefore, the national intellectual standard committee took the lead in organizing the compilation of 'safety technology of intelligent door lock applied to digital technology in buildings and residential areas' (Guidelines) , Is to create a heart lock in the smart door lock industry'To measure the safety of intelligent door locks. The system architecture, physical security, logical security, key security, communication security, and account data security of the smart door lock are standardized. Provide standard support for the design, manufacture and application of intelligent door locks.
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