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The cost of intelligent anti-theft lock which mainly includes

by:FUYU lock     2020-06-30

The market prospect of intelligent anti-theft lock, but at present domestic fingerprint lock is penetration than abroad, the main reason is the fingerprint lock's price is too high, and intelligent anti-theft lock price is high, the research and development of intelligent anti-theft lock manufacturing cost and channel cost is the main reason, so the cost of intelligent anti-theft lock mainly includes what parts? Intelligent anti-theft lock manufacturing costs are now on the market most fingerprint locks are zinc alloy and stainless steel material, some parts of rubber, plastic parts, the rest is electronic material cost. In addition it is some surface treatment ( Electroplating, spray) And the cost of packing and so on. Intelligent anti-theft lock r&d costs a smart anti-theft lock mainly depends on the cost of the mould cost, followed by the electronic part of the cost of r&d. Common mould cost around 500000, the electronic part of the research and development depends on situation of each company. Intelligent anti-theft lock electronic part of the research and development has three models: 1. Direct use design company ready; 2. Using third-party fingerprint module, only do the development of the main control module; 3. From the fingerprint module to the main control board are independent research and development. Intelligent anti-theft lock channel cost, mainly refers to the retail channel with an intelligent anti-theft lock manufacturers ex-factory price of 1000 yuan, after the province city generation eventually reach the end market, intelligent anti-theft lock price has become about 2000 ~ 3000. This is the middle pointed fat at both ends? But it is not, the survival of dealers also not how comfortable, on the one hand, in the face of manufacturers of goods pressure, on the other hand, facing the intelligent anti-theft lock is not widely caused consumers to accept the present situation of the sales difficult.
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