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The crisis behind the door industry

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-13
Once a popular online unlock video, with a small tin foil can open the lock. Every year, general administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine of door lock industry has issued the result of sampling observation of quality, but every year there are so a group of companies, including some large door lock brands on the list, unfortunately the locks enterprise in China is worth reflection. Door lock safety performance problems occurred frequently, some locks enterprise in the development, into money, hot-headed, negligence or even forget the fact that the product quality is the lifeline of an enterprise. If no quality no development? No survival development to talk? There is no living space to the enterprise life? Any marketing segment is around has carried out under the premise of product quality, if there is no quality of the products the market as a strong backing, any marketing is in vain. A brand to create a few years, decades, to pay a lot, but a brand's fall is very easy, even for an instant. Many examples have locks, hardware industry illustrates this point. However, if a brand, quality excellent, the fallen worry is unnecessary. Aware of this, not to do, or realize don't want to do, will bring great loss. Quality is the root, the brand is the leaves, roots and leafy, not just lush foliage, rejected the ultimate away. No matter which a door lock if enterprises want to one foot in the market place, don't get consumer recognition, social recognition and the recognition of the industry, ask how its long-term survival. Goes the: 'plant trees shall be from the root, the virtue of will raise its heart. 'If, even if there is a moment of glory, it is just a flash in the pan. In recent years, the door lock market competition is intense, in order to enhance its market competitiveness, expand its share of the market, many domestic first-line brand constantly expanding production scale, think through its products on the market coverage, to improve the product in the market share. Proverb says: 'more haste, less speed', at present many locks enterprises only one-sided pursuit of large scale, wide coverage, at the same time will be at the expense of the part of the quality of the products, services, resulting in a lot of the product brand exposure. Guangzhou bao di hardware technology co. , LTD. , chairman of kevinbales has said the current part locks enterprises lack self-discipline consciousness in management, more irritable, on the one hand too one-sided pursuit of rapid development, led to severe overcapacity and resources waste; On the other hand, regardless of the consequences, large-scale hiss first promotion, makes the door lock industry into a vicious circle of marketing model.
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