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The 'crown' in the 5 g - — NB- IOT— — | _nbiot _nb intelligent lock door

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-08
NB- IoT: officially became the candidate technical scheme of 5 g era! In July 2019, in itu-t R WP5D # 32 meeting, the Chinese delegation formally submitted IMT - 2020 ( 5 g) Candidate technical scheme, and obtained the ITU receive confirmation letter. China to submit technical proposal for '5 g wireless hollow technology ( RIT) Solution ', consists of two parts, one is a new lip (3 GPP 5 g NR) , and the other is the NB - 土耳其人。 In fact, NB - IoT since birth has called quasi 5 g ( pre5G) The claim. If the incident analogy into 5 g 'store' in the empire, NB - IoT into 5 g candidate technologies, have a rely on and advantages of this a few aspects: 1. NB- IoT into 5 g standard: look from the 'etiquette', has fulfilled the necessary program! In 5 g standardization work, there are mainly two key organizations: itu-t R and 3 GPP. ITU - R is the international telecommunication union, ITU) Under the management of specific radio communication related international standards organization; 3 GPP is a global for mobile communication system for the standardization of technical specifications and technical reports. 5 g of vision and demand by the itu-t R to put forward, the 3 GPP organization of the world's major manufacturers to promote standards formulated to meet the KPI of ITU proposed, and finally by the ITU adopted as international standards. Back to the event, the ITU collect 5 g candidate technology solutions, according to the procedures required by the Chinese delegation GNR + NB - 5 IoT solutions, ITU receive confirmation letter to the Chinese delegation has given officially. Though the 5 g technology scheme in ITU WP5D # 35 conference ( Estimated time is on June 6, 2020) Officially, but NB - IoT into 5 g technology scheme has fulfilled the necessary formalities. In fact has been decided that the NB - IoT is part of the 5 g! 2. NB- IoT into 5 g standard: look from the 'origin', is the 3 GPP organization 'DiZi'! 3 GPP is by the national communication association of standardization and more than 300 in the field of communication has important status or function of the communications industry organization of enterprises, has dominated the 4 g and 3 g ( WCDMA TD_SCDMA) The standardization and popularization. And NB - IoT is 3 GPP to cope with the Internet of things needs, specifically define a simplified version of LTE, 3 GPP is 'son'. Since the R12 release in the R8 Cat. Based on the 1 defines the CAT. M2 grade terminal capabilities, formal form NB - IoT technology specification, 3 GPP has been trying to prove to the ITU, NB - IoT standard can satisfy the ITU/eMTC about 5 g Internet of broad vision and low power consumption demand. Especially in NB - IoT standard founded out to qualcomm, communication manufacturers such as huawei, in 5 g technology standards now still occupies a very important voice. NB- IoT into 5 g technology standards, in the body has a natural advantage. 3. NB- IoT into 5 g standard: look from the 'ability', satisfy the requirements of the IMT2020! The official name of the 5 g is IMT2020, ITU when making IMT2020 vision defines three application scenarios, as a reference. To become a real standard of 5 g, need to meet the demand of the three scenarios, namely eMBB enhanced mobile broadband, low uRLLC ShiYanGao reliable communication, mMTC mass communication machine class. 3 GPP has been trying to prove to the ITU, NB - IoT standard can satisfy the ITU/eMTC about 5 g Internet of broad vision and low power consumption demand, a large amount of evaluation research, and proposed a low power wide-area network cases continue to rely on NB - The evolution of IoT. NB - related domestic equipment manufacturers also have completed IoT multi-carrier function test verification, such as traditional NB - IoT one community support 50000 users, multi carrier, capacity can be achieved several times to ascend, support users up to 800000, to meet future demand for everything connected age explosion of mass connection; At the same time support higher throughput and descending rate of community, NB - IoT meet the demand of more business. The conclusion shows that NB - of the related report IoT can satisfy the ITU proposed 5 g mMTC connection density requirement, this gives NB - IoT into a foundation to the family of 5 g. 4. NB- IoT into 5 g standard: look from the 'power', has broad support in the industry! From the market and industry development rule, such as resource input, NB - IoT is currently on the market the best technology choice; NB- IoT into 5 g, given the vertical industry adoption of sustainable development and upgrading technology of 3 GPP confidence, deepen the deployment and optimize performance can meet the industry market's future development needs. NB- IoT has completely smooth upgraded into 5 g network basic condition. 3 GPP in 18 years began to research and layout NB - 5 g core network support IoT wireless access network to ensure that the operator in NB - reserved IoT network deployment to 5 g NR smooth upgrade. NB- IoT into 5 g standard, can make full use of existing carrier of 4 g infrastructure, improve network utilization and productivity; Can make full use of the NB - again IoT current industrial scale and the mature technology, accelerate the process of all things connected with digital transformation. According to incomplete statistics, as of the end of may this year, NB - 84 copies worldwide IoT network commercial ( GSMA) , over 100 kinds of global module, to become the world's one of the most widely used technology of Internet of things. NB- IoT users to connect to the rapid growth of the number has more than 45 million, is the sum of GSM in the past six years. In our country, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology but also in the 17 years of official documents issued notice, comprehensively promote mobile Internet of things ( NB- 物联网) The construction and development.
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