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The difference between intelligent Bluetooth door

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-05
With the development of accomodation technology, new locks are emerging in our life. Intelligent Bluetooth door lock is one of the high-quality products. Do you know the difference between it and the traditional door lock? Next, we will change the lock in Hefei and give you a brief introduction. Since smart home devices come into people's lives, every home device has an inseparable connection with smart phones. Mobile phone is the product with the highest rate of use carried by modern people. It is an inevitable trend to use mobile phone to manage other electronic devices in life. The integration of these devices simplifies the cumbersome operation process, such as: LED lighting directly uses mobile phone for management, door lock directly uses mobile phone for opening and closing operation, etc. door lock is an important guarantee of safety requirements and family safety The first line of defense, from the early traditional door lock, to the electromagnetic lock induction lock and various locks gradually emerging behind, has developed to the current Bluetooth smart door lock is the mainstream of smart home. Bluetooth smart door lock breaks the fixed mode of traditional door lock and inductive door lock, and carries on the modern transformation to the door lock. The application of Bluetooth technology to door lock is to embed Bluetooth technology into the door, and apply the developed Bluetooth solution to the door lock. Users can directly manage and operate when downloading the developed mobile app. In terms of security, Bluetooth door lock and mobile app will generate a specific string code at the beginning to ensure the security of the door lock. The above is about the difference between the intelligent Bluetooth door lock and the traditional door lock. I hope our introduction can help you. If you want to know more about locks, you can browse our website, and we will provide you with more professional services.
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