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The difference between the magnetic suction door lock and ordinary locks - Factory direct sale, the price is affordable

by:FUYU lock     2021-01-16
A friend in Shanghai by searching for a magnetic door lock to find our absorption, in decorating a home, need to use a few lock, a friend recommended to him the magnetic door lock, but oneself also don't know the difference between the magnetic door lock absorption and ordinary locks, ask demand, small make up for the customer to do the related data on magnetic suction door lock.     The difference between the magnetic suction door lock and ordinary locks: & emsp;   Definition: a magnetic door lock is installed inside the lock body absorption has a permanent magnets, unlike ordinary locks by spring control lock tongue pop-up, magnetic door lock is done through the adsorption effect of magnet, compared with the ordinary locks, magnetic locks and absorption known as mute magnetic locks, absorption is often applied to the bedroom door, study door, open and close the door to produce less noise.     From the structure: the magnetic door lock in the open state, the lock tongue back inside the lock body, while regular lock Lou in the outside, the leakage of the lock tongue is not only easy to hurt others, but not beautiful; In closed state, is magnetic suction door lock on the door frame magnet sucked out the lock tongue, and ordinary locks or slip shut down, back and forth through the spring of the structure and principle of the two kinds of completely different.     On the price of it: quality is the same, design is similar to the magnetic suction door lock will be slightly more expensive than ordinary door lock, purchase quantity and the channel is different, the price will be some difference.     From service life that quality is the same, the service life of the magnet lock is longer than ordinary door lock, the reason is that by magnetic suction effect, reduce the friction between the lock tongue and door frames, thus reducing the material loss, prolong the service life.     Conclusion: & emsp;   That is about the difference between the 'magnetic door lock and ordinary locks' introduced, can know from the above, the structure, price and service life of the two locks are not same, we in the choose and buy when need according to your budget, the actual need to choose. Fu yu hardware 21 years specializing in the production of magnetic suction door lock, welcome consultation.
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