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The difference between the magnetic suction indoor door lock and ordinary locks - Fu yu hardware

by:FUYU lock     2021-01-16
With noise pollution is more and more serious, the magnetic suction indoor door lock arises at the historic moment, magnetic suction indoor door lock used mute lock body design, no lock tongue, can reduce indoor noise pollution better, a magnet with good quality indoor door lock can control the voice within the 30 decibel, ensure the normal life and have a rest. Common in places such as bedroom, study, library, compared with ordinary door magnetic suction indoor door lock and what are the characteristics? Fu yu hardware small make up today for everyone to do detailed introduction.     First, from the structure & the emsp;   Magnetic suction indoor door lock compared with ordinary locks, used the mute lock body, can effectively reduce the opening or closing because of the lock tongue and sound produced by friction between door frame, is a lot of consumer choice for voice have higher requirements.     The second; From the point of view of life cycle & emsp;   Ordinary locks lock tongue, easy to hit door frame, not only damage lock body, and damage the door frame, reduce the service life, no tongue design and magnetic suction indoor door lock, it well to avoid this situation.     Third: from the security & emsp;   Family is everyone is very concerned about security, ordinary locks lock tongue, sharp, very easy to scratch children or old man, there is a higher security risk, magnetic suction mute lock body structure of indoor door lock, lock tongue is not exposed, protect your family health.
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