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The difference of various car keys

by:FUYU lock     2020-02-20
Generally speaking, all cars currently use the same starting method-- Turn on the power supply by the ignition switch to start the motor and then start the engine. However, the way of controlling the switch varies according to different models. Most of them adopt the traditional way of inserting the key, turning on the power supply and starting the vehicle in turn through Rotary operation, and the key itself is also used to open the door. As the central control door lock has gradually become the standard equipment for all domestic models, most models have begun to use the key with integrated remote control function as the standard configuration of vehicles. Moreover, in order to prevent theft, these keys are integrated with data chips for identity identification. Even if car thieves enter the car through illegal means, it is also impossible to start the vehicle just by turning on the ignition switch like the early 007 or the car thief in the gangster film. As more intermediate and even economical cars begin to adopt remote control keys with higher integration, some luxury cars begin to expand the key function, for example, VOLVO identifies the owner by fingerprint in its concept car SCC. The new Audi A6L, which has just been listed in China, has the same technical level as Audi A8. the trunk and door can be opened by induction. As long as the key is in the car, the engine can be started and shut down through the Start and Stop buttons on the center console. Of course, the owner who is used to twisting the key can also continue to enjoy the joy of turning the key. In contrast, Toyota's new crown gave up the key Jack and directly inserted the cuboid remote control key into the square hole on the left side of the steering wheel, and then started and shut down the engine through the Start button on the right side of the steering wheel. However, after the engine was turned off, the author found that the power window could not be used either, which was somewhat inconvenient, and its spare key was also hidden in the cuboid remote key in a very simple way, compared with its model positioning, it is too simple. The composition of car keys, generally speaking, there are 2 ~ 3, when the new car is handed over to the owner, the salesperson will usually remind the owner to keep the key. Generally speaking, the keychain of a new car consists of 2 ~ 3 The key is made up of a metal or plastic sheet. A string of numbers is usually printed on the metal or plastic sheet. This is the tooth number of the key, the maintenance station or the manufacturer can reconfigure the key for the owner through this tooth number. The other keys are slightly different according to the different models. Take Shanghai Volkswagen's Poussin as an example. The appearance of the three keys is roughly the same, but in fact one is a spare key, this spare key can only open the door and start the engine, but cannot open the luggage compartment and glove compartment, which is somewhat puzzling in the domestic environment, however, car owners who have had the experience of parking at the hotel will find that it will be very convenient to give such a spare key to the doorman to park. The Keys of POLO and Passat series are slightly different. Although they are still 3 keys, the spare key becomes a simple plastic key mold, this key is only used to open the door and engine in case of emergency. The other two keys are integrated with remote control function, which can be used to remotely open the door and luggage compartment door. Of course, there are still some manufacturers who only add remote control switches to ordinary keychain, but this one has'Grafting' The suspected remote key function may be more, such as providing remote control whistle and micro flashlight function. Mercedes-Benz CLK series models omitted the metal key and replaced it with a remote control device the size of a business card and a key capable of emitting a beam of light.
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