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The door locks manufacturers - zhejiang province Fu yu hardware

by:FUYU lock     2020-08-27
Zhejiang production door locks in the industry with high visibility, if you look carefully, you can find at home with many locks origin are in zhejiang, zhejiang door lock manufacturers, big and small manufacturer not less than 100, including brand with strength of the manufacturer is not less than 10, choose the door lock manufacturers, zhejiang to certain lock quality and after-sale service, or where a failure, need after all can not find a professional person to handle, that is very upset.     Zhejiang door locks, the door locks the quality and the production process and materials used in is inseparable, fu yu hardware production door locks have adopted their research and development process, the tested, the same type of lock a longer life expectancy than their peers to five years, one point price one point goods, quality is guaranteed. If in use process in the lock room fails? Don't worry, have a special customer service for customer service to help customers solve problems within 2 hours.     Fu yu hardware is zhejiang door lock manufacturers, factories in zhejiang, and in hefei, guangdong has its own warehouse, cash reserve enough common design, factory building covers an area of 15 acres, has three floors, employees more than 300 people, in zhejiang lock factory, is relatively strong. Also support personalization service, some customers need special room door lock, all can be resolved, it is worth reminding, personalization to cycle is long, from customers to provide the design draft to the sample, usually in a week or so. Specific circumstances, can consult customer service
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