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The door was not closed and the alarm was issued in time. The deer smart lock saved a large number of careless people

by:FUYU lock     2019-12-13
Regarding the locking of the door, there have always been two major soul questions: the first question, did I lock the door today? This problem is a difficult obstacle for anxious stars and careless stars. They always forget to lock the door because they are in a hurry or are negligent. They always have to wait until they go out to think that they may not have locked the door. They often have to return home again to confirm, and at that time, the serious consequences of theft may have occurred because the door was not locked. The second torture, why can't I close the door? Many people are used to walking out of the house because they don't want to make a big movement and other factors, just gently close the door instead of closing the door, therefore, it is often the case that the door is not closed and they mistakenly think that it has been closed, eventually causing loopholes in the family security line. The most unfortunate is the obsessive-compulsive disorder patients, who have to face the above two torture questions at the same time, so that they are worried all day after going out, worried about being a gentleman at home'Patronize. In the face of such a dilemma, if you can receive a thoughtful prompt in time when the door is not closed, how good it would be. . . . . . I believe many people will raise such hope in their hearts. In fact, there is really such a group of people in the world, and they are more or less troubled by these situations, especially finding relevant solutions. The new T1 Pro recently introduced by Luke, who has been concentrating on building smart door locks for four years, can stop everyone from being locked'The problem is plagued. As a new product that the deer Hakka will focus on creating in 2018, the deer smart lock T1 Pro has specially added a new door that is not closed and automatically reminds' Function, starting from the actual needs of life, provides home security for those users who are anxious to go out or careless, and makes up for the huge risks caused by negligence when users go out everyday, really solve the user's pain points'. When the door is not closed, the automatic alarm, the deer smart lock T1 Pro refuses to enter. In recent years, because the door is not locked, the bad guys can enter the house to steal the case frequently, and the negligent users are often casually, hear bang'I thought the door was locked. But sometimes because of the problem of the door lock spring, although people force the door, but in fact the door is not really locked, and the traditional door lock is easy to appear aging after a long time, users often cannot find it in time and continue to use it, which easily brings potential safety hazards. The new smart lock T1 Pro introduced by Luke can avoid the above risks. Compared with the traditional smart door lock, the deer smart lock T1 Pro has added a surprising feature--The door is not closed, automatic reminder'. When the user goes out, if the door is not closed properly, the deer smart lock T1 Pro will give an alarm in time and prompt the user in the App that there is a risk, in this way, users can nip risks in the bud before leaving their homes. For those users who are just used to taking the door and not locking the door, this function of the deer smart lock T1 Pro is really a great gospel. It is especially worth mentioning that this skill is exclusively owned by T1 Pro, and other intelligent door lock products on the market do not have it at present. Multiple early warning methods ensure users to know abnormalities in time. As the latest member of deer smart home, deer smart lock T1 Pro continues the strong security performance of deer smart lock and has multiple early warning methods, ensure the safety of users at home. Friends who are familiar with Luke know that the smart door locks produced by Luke have the function of timely alarm for abnormal situations, and the deer smart lock T1 Pro is no exception. When the user is not at home, if the door lock is pried, the password is input incorrectly for 5 times, or the fingerprint is input incorrectly for 15 times, the deer smart lock T1 Pro will send a local alarm sound and send an alarm message to the administrator's mobile phone remotely through App, so that the user can know the abnormal situation of the door lock in time and carry out emergency treatment. In addition, the user can also check the door lock status at any time through the App, including whether the door is closed, the door lock power, the anti-lock situation, etc. In addition to the abnormal alarm function, the Luke smart lock T1 Pro is equipped with the industry-wide C- class lock cylinder with the highest security level, and also has anti-trailing and anti-cat eye unlocking (Child lock)Function. The anti-trailing function refers to the fact that the deer smart lock T1 Pro will lock the clutch immediately after the door lock is opened, so that the handle returns to the free state, preventing someone from trailing the door handle to unlock again. However, most door locks on the market need 5- After 10 seconds, the clutch will be locked again, and the trailing person can easily unlock it again, threatening the user's home safety. The anti-cat's eye function button of the deer smart lock T1 Pro is integrated on the door handle. When the user opens the door, he needs to press this button and press the handle to open. This function not only prevents someone from removing the cat's eye outside the door, unlocking the door with a tool can also prevent children or pets from accidentally opening the door and slipping out. As an innovator in the field of intelligent door locks, Luke has always carried out all-round prevention and reminder from the user's safety point of view, aiming at some possible omissions and omissions in the user's daily life, make up for the potential safety hazard caused by users' carelessness. On the basis of previous products, Luke's new smart lock T1 Pro is more abundant in safety performance. It has multiple early warning methods and can protect users' home safety in all directions, it reflects the attitude of the deer to the user. In the future, Luke will also bring more smart and easy-to-use smart home security products around the actual needs of customers.
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