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The Double Ninth Festival is coming, and the 'Fuyu Smart Lock' Charity and Love Fund will give a holiday bonus to 120 elderly people living alone

by:FUYU lock     2021-08-21
October 17, 2018 is Double Ninth Festival. Double Ninth Festival is also called 'Respect for the Elderly'. Respecting and respecting the elderly are the traditional virtues of Chinese people. On the occasion of Double Ninth Festival, on October 12, Ningbo Charity Federation will join hands with caring enterprises. Ningbo Smart Locks Co., Ltd. walked into the old revolutionary area-Liangnong Town, Yuyao, and offered 120 elderly people living alone a festive red envelope of 1,000 yuan per person, which made the elderly feel the care of the society for them. Two months ago, Fuyu Chairman Xiang Yinyu came to Ningbo Charity Federation and voluntarily asked for the establishment of a charity fund specifically for the assistance of the elderly in difficulties in Ningbo. This would not only standardize corporate charity behavior, but also It is conducive to better embed philanthropy elements in corporate culture. Therefore, after mutual agreement, the 'Fuyu Smart Lock' charity fund of Ningbo Charity Federation came into being. On October 12, the launching ceremony of the 'Fuyu Smart Lock' Charity and Love Fund for the Elderly was held in Liangnong Town, Yuyao City, Zhejiang Province. This charity fund assistance activity received strong support from Ningbo Charity Federation and local government. Ningbo Charity Federation Vice President Zhao Yafei, Yuyao Liangnong Town Party Committee Deputy Secretary Tang Feiqin and other leaders, Fuyu General Manager Zhang Zhaohui, etc. A party attended the event. At the launching ceremony, the Vice President of Ningbo Charity Federation and Tang Feiqin, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Liangnong Town, Yuyao City, gave the 'Fuyu Smart Lock' Charity Love Fund a high degree of recognition and praise. The president of Ningbo Fuyu Smart Lock Company Manager Zhang Zhaohui pointed out in his speech: Respecting, respecting and helping the elderly are the traditional virtues of the Chinese people. Many children in rural families go out to work and cannot be with their parents. There are more and more 'empty nest elderly' in our society, which has become a major Social issues: Many young parents in the city are busy with work all day long, entrusting their grandparents, grandparents and grandparents with all important matters of caring for and educating their children. ...'The old people gave without complaint and regrets, while the children enjoyed the infinite love and care of the old people, but they kept turning a blind eye to them. Therefore, Fuyu Smart Lock Company chooses the Double Ninth Festival to hold a charity and love helping the elderly on the Double Ninth Festival. It is of great significance for children to obey their parents, for children to love every elder around them, to help the weak, and to make the elders feel. To the society's care for them. Filial piety is a kind of culture and civilization, and charity is a shining manifestation of advanced human culture and a high degree of civilization. Ningbo Fuyu Smart Lock has a history of more than 30 years of limited public ups and downs. It is a company that is grateful and has a sense of social responsibility. 'Fuyu Tianyan Smart Lock' is positioned as a filial lock that cares for the elderly. From the perspective of product design and function, we start from the perspective of the elderly. Fuyu Tianyan Smart Lock uses semiconductor biometric fingerprint recognition technology, and the elderly can also pass fingerprints. To unlock the lock, the finger is the key, thus bidding farewell to the traditional key unlocking. As the old age, the memory will decline and no longer have to worry about forgetting to bring the key and unable to enter the door; Fuyu Smart Lock has also developed a mobile phone to check the parents' time when they enter the door and view the photos of their parents when they open the door. You can check your parents’ daily routines when you are on a business trip or out of town. Fuyu advocates timely filial piety for children and accompanies their parents more. For this reason, the 'filial piety fund' that cares for the elderly has been established. The 'Filialty Fund' is mainly used to help poor and widowed elderly people, so that more elderly people can live a happy old age with 'old age' locks, support for the elderly, and happiness for the elderly. The launch ceremony of this charity fund opened A new chapter in the 'Fuyu Era'. Practicing responsibility to pass love, walking with filial piety and perfection, Fuyu fulfills the great responsibility of serving the society with bit by bit of good deeds. Hundreds of good filial piety first, hope that we will work together to promote China The nation’s traditional virtues of respecting, loving, and helping the elderly! We propose together: Family affection has a time limit, please be timely for filial piety! Let us share and practice together!
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